7 Reasons Why Glamping Is Better Than Survivalist Camping

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There are several forms of camping, and each of these forms differs from the other in its nature. There are two most talked about forms of camping, and that is survivalist camping and glamping. The two forms differ mostly in the number of luxuries and comforts available at the campsite.

With the survivalist camping method, you get access to a limited number of luxuries and have limited tools on a campsite. You will be walking in a totally unknown place, and the only way to survive at such places is your skills and physical abilities. While on the other hand, glamping is more about comfort and luxuries. You will find all the necessary tools and resources that one can wish for. In glamping, you can be closer to nature and its beauties while enjoying the luxuries and facilities.

Keep scrolling down the article to understand why glamping is better and preferable to survivalist camping.

7 Reasons Why Glamping Is Better Than Survivalist Camping

Top 7 reasons why glamping is better than survivalist camping

There are a number of reasons that give a higher score to glamping as compared to survivalist camping. The number of uncertainties and bad experiences is the most important thing that people prefer to avoid. So, due to these reasons, most people in Dubai prefer to go on a safe camp rather than to a place full of life threats and risks.

Below are some very solid reasons for preferring glamping over any other camping form.

1. It is more fun

Fun is the basic and major objective of people going camping. When you do not get any fun and joy from your camp visits and stay, spending money on such things is useless. With survivalist camping, the risks and threats to your life are higher and increase worries rather than fun. So, if fun is your aim, then go for glamping and book your favorite overnight camping spots in Dubai to add more fun to your camping experience.

2. Access to luxuries

From perfect view to the perfect hotel rooms and arrangements for your stay, everything is available in glamping. Whereas in survivalist camping, the access to resources is minimal, there is no concept of having luxurious rooms and facilities.  Rather, you will have a limited number of things in your backpack to survive the day.

3. Best for families

Families that want to go for camps can consider glamping as their top priority. It is more suitable for families with children because they are the safest and contains no life risks and threats. The safety of the children and loved ones is one of the most important things for anyone, and you want to be safe while you enjoy. Go for camping options that are safe than the risky options.

4. No long walks

Usually, people avoid camping because back in their mind the concept of camping is totally different. Some people do not want to go for long walks or walk miles during camping. It only happens in survivalist camps where you do not have access to vehicles and other conveyance facilities. If you hate long walks, then glamping will help you enjoy your night stay in the beautiful deserts of Dubai and gaze at the beautiful sky and enjoy your camp.

5. No special training is required

Glamping is not something for which you need to be trained and get assistance throughout your camping experience. These are some of the safest forms of camping, and there are no special skills or life hacks you need to learn and train yourself. If you are going on a survivalist camp, then you must be a trained camper and know essential tips and tricks for ensuring your safety and survival.

6. You do not need to worry about bad weather

Going on a camp with minimum resources available could be life-taking if the weather is too harsh. Whether the weather is too cold or too hot, both the situations could be dangerous for you with no facilities available. Glamping is one beautiful and interesting experience where you do not have to worry about harsh weather.

7. Glamping is safe

You can say glamping is safest when we compare it to survivalist camping. These are not just safest in terms of luxurious facilities and tools, but other factors make them safe. One of the most important factors is the availability of medical facilities if anything goes wrong. In a survivalist camp, you are your only help and find ways for your safe return and survival. So, if you want to have a safe camping experience with your loved ones, consider the overnight camping Dubai facilities and options.

Go to the Safest Camping Sites with your Family!

If you wish to go camping with your families, you must make sure that the places you visit are the safest. Go for more pleasant and enjoyable options than the options that could result in a bad experience. If you ever wish to go camping in Dubai, consider the wide-open deserts, which are the best pick for overnight camps.

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