Best Ways To Sign In To Xfinity Email Account

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Xfinity is the trade name of the Comcast Corporation which is used to trade consumer cable television, telephone and internet. At the initial stage, the name was Comcast, later the name of the brand was changed into xfinity. email was found in the year1963 as a small cable system. This is also an email service provider, so in this you will be reading about the easy and best way to sign in to the email account. 

All About Xfinity

The earlier name of xfinity, as we all know is the Comcast; Comcast once merged with NBC, after this merging occurred, they thought it would confuse their users when they add new services or products. So, they created a subsidiary company called xfinity. 

Therefore, xfinity internet, xfinity webmail, xfinity TV, xfinity email came into existence. The Comcast email was also rebranded into xfinity. This has led the existing users of Comcast into confusion. 


Clarifying the confusion among the existing users:

Existing users assume that they cannot use their account any more but in fact still you can use your Comcast account. When you go into, it will take you to xfinity login page. 

People get vex, when they see this page but in actuality what you have to do is just enter your credential information in the required box of that particular login page. 

Step-by-step instructions to login to your Xfinity email account

Please note that you can follow the same steps even if you are a Comcast email account user. 

Step 1:

Open the browser that is convenient for you. Here I’m using chrome browser, you can choose others according to your choice. 

Step 2:

Now in the address bar, type and tap on the search. This will take you to the official home page of Comcast. 

Step 3:

In the home page, there will be an icon which looks like an envelope, click on that to open up your email. This will not bring you to the

Step 4:

Again in the xfinity home page, you will have to click on the envelope icon. 

Step 5: 

At this step, you will be taken to the original login page of xfinity email account.

Step 6: 

To login to your account, you will need to have a registered email address and password. 

Step 7: 

After you type all the credential information; if you are using your personal device you can check on the box ‘stay signed in’. Doing so will prevent you from entering the login credentials whenever you login. 

(Kindly do not check on that box, in case you are not signing in from your private device.) 

Step 8:

Then enter the captcha to verify that you are not a bot. After completing each and every step until this, then you can click on the sign in option. 

Finding difficulties to login

Below are the reasons why you cannot sign into your xfinity account. 

Strength of the internet is poor:

When your bandwidth is weak, you will not be able to access your email accounts. 

Incorrect credential information:

Basically, when you enter the wrong login address and the password, then you will not be able to sign into your account.

Typing the incorrect security code

Before you sign in, to verify that you are not a bot you will have to enter the number or alphabet which is displayed on the screen. So, when you enter this wrongly you will not be able to login to your xfinity account.  

If you face troubleshooting in logging into your account even after trying all the methods given above, then ensure to visit this blog Emails Crunch which helps the users to overcome the common issues they face.

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