You Do Not Have to Suffer from Depression Alone

Suffer from Depression Alone
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Depression is a mental illness, not a weakness or character deficiency, and it is more common than people realize. Millions around the world are impacted by anything from mild depression to severe depression. It can impact a person’s life in a big way and affect daily life and what you can do. Symptoms include feeling worthless, helpless, fatigued, hopeless, guilty, restless, being irritable, a loss of focus, not being able to sleep or oversleeping, not being interested in socializing or other activities, not being interested in sex, having weight gain or loss, lacking in self-confidence and having suicidal thoughts. Treatment varies but can include medication and seeing a depression therapist in Wall, NJ or where you are.

Depression is treatable

It is important that people keep in mind that depression is treatable in whatever form you have. You do not have to suffer alone and live in hell. If you know you have the symptoms of depression or you know someone who does, they or you should know there are things you can do. There are different specialists to talk to, a counseling therapist in Point Pleasant, NJ, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and so on. There are also medications that can help which your doctor or a specialist can prescribe for you. Four methods of treatment are;

ECT – ECT is effective even when you have been resistant to other depression treatment methods. ECT stands for Electric Current Therapy. It should only ever be administered by a specialist though.

TherapyGetting therapy from a specialist like a depression therapist in Wall, NJis one of the best things you can choose to do. There are different methods of therapy, cognitive, interpersonal, talk and more. You would attend for a number of sessions and look at what is causing the depression, how you can manage it or how to fix it even. People who attend therapy after a few sessions start to feel more positive in general and learn methods of management to use at home successfully too.

Drugs – Using medications is a common approach to treating depression though it is encouraged to use therapy alongside drugs in the hope that one day you could reduce the need for medications. MAOIs and SSRIs are used to balance serotonin levels in the patient’s brain. MAOIs are Monoamine oxidase inhibitors and SSRIs are Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. There are other drugs but the side effects of these are less of an issue.

Self-help techniques – There are also things you can do at home to help and a counseling therapist in Point Pleasant, NJcan offer suggestions too. Try to be more optimistic about things and be kinder and more positive towards yourself. Try to meditate regularly and practice deep breathing methods. Exercise regularly and engage with other people. Also, try to eat healthy food most of the time.


Depression is not just someone feeling sad. It is a deeper emotional pain and while sadness might be a part of that, there is more. It is not something to feel ashamed about and you should seek professional help.

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