10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

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Back in our good old school days taking important notes meant jotting down the significant points and keeping it well protected  for future usage. Then with the advent of technology, came the concept of xerox machines, that allowed us to duplicate essential pages. And today note-taking means clicking snapshots of particular notes with your Android phone and converting it into PDFs with the best image to PDF converter apps

But why should we convert any file formats to PDF? Let’s explore the advantages of PDFs first.

Why Do We Need To Convert An Image Into PDF File Format?

There are several advantages to PDF file formats. Let’s see the top three benefits of PDF files.

  • First of all, it takes a lot less room on your device than JPG or any other file formats.
  • When image quality is a top priority, experts prefer PDF because it has many capabilities such as multiple layers usage, encryption, interactive elements, digital signatures, etc.
  • PDF document is a professional file format. It defeats all the disadvantages of JPEG file formats. 

Do you want to convert JPG files to PDF format? Here we share a curated list of excellent pic to PDF converter apps.

Top 10 Android Image To PDF Converter Apps

Finding an accurate picture to PDF converter app is often a headache, as most of the apps claim to be the best on the Play Store. Here are some tried and tested apps that will flawlessly convert file formats for you.


10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

FlashScan is the best scanner app to digitize documents. Get this app for brilliant  image to PDF conversion and generate crystal clear scans.

  • Almost all sorts of paper is scan-able with FlashScan. Users can scan ID cards, bills, vouchers, business-invoices, etc with this app.
  • The OCR gives an intuitive image to text conversion. You can also save the recognized file as plain text.
  • This free OCR app helps to translate text in multiple languages. 
  • FlashScan also scans QR codes and Barcodes. Along with that you get impressive post-scan filters to enrich the scanned results.
  • It is an excellent image to PDF converter that also offers you the facility to choose different page sizes of PDFs. Such as Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4(default PDF page size), A5.
  • With this app, you can anytime encrypt your essential PDFs by setting up a password.
  • Users can also place a custom watermark on PDFs.
  • You can easily scan your signature and place it on the PDFs.
  • Sort your documents easily with this free scanner app.

Image To Pdf Converter

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

This is a dedicated app to convert JPG to PDF. It is renowned for its simple interface and effective feature.

  • It offers brilliant cropping and scaling tools to optimize images for your PDF file.
  • This app lets you sort images automatically by date, name, or manually.
  • Image to PDF Converter also works well in offline mode.
  • It converts your images to PDF without sending your data to the cloud.

JPG to PDF Converter

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

It is a free online JPG to PDF converter that enables you to merge multiple images into a single PDF document.

  • Image to PDF converter can be used in offline mode also.
  • It lets users set page sizes for PDF. (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)
  • This app enables you to open any PDF file with a PDF viewer.

PDF Reader

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

Next on our list of the top-rated image to PDF converter app is PDF reader. Here are some of the main features of this pic to PDF app.

  • You can anytime convert  PDF files to Text format with this app. 
  • It is one of the most reliable apps to convert PDF to JPG file formats.
  • It lets you export PDF from any image or text file and save it to the phone storage.
  • You can easily add a bookmark to the particular PDF page with this app.

Adobe Scan

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

This free document scanning app converts your smartphone into a reliable PDF scanner.

  • It is quick and easy to convert any picture to PDF with Adobe Scan.
  • It lets you scan anything and everything with utmost precision. You can use it to scan multi-page documents and save them with a single tap.
  • Users can effortlessly touch up their photo scans and documents from their camera roll.

Photo to PDF

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

Need quick PDF conversion with the highest accuracy? Photo to PDF is your perfect pick in the list of the best image to PDF converter apps.

  • Converting any image to PDF, right from the gallery is a tap away with this app.
  • It offers portrait or landscape document orientation.
  • Apart from this it also lets you share your PDF via email.
  • Photo PDF offers a straightforward interface with easy navigation.

PDF to jpg Converter

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

This PDF to image converter is easy to use and offers multiple useful functionalities.

  • It is a free app to convert any PDFs to a JPG file format.
  • This app saves every converted file in a separate folder named PDF to Image Converter.
  • Users can convert PDF files to PNG photos with a single tap.
  • It lets you save and share your files easily.

Photos To PDF

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

Next in the list of the excellent image to PDF converter apps is Photos To PDF. You can easily convert jpg files to PDF with this Android app.

  • This app lets you choose predefined PDF templates with photos and text. 
  • Users can easily add a cover page, header, footer, title, subtitle, etc to their files.
  • This app enables you to convert JPG to PDF or PNG to PDF to share photos faster with smaller file sizes.

PDF to Image Converter

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

A brilliant app that allows easy and the fastest way to convert JPG files to PDF file formats.

  • It lets you convert particular pages of a PDF file to images and save them individually.
  • It also enables you to extract all images contained in a particular PDF file with a single tap.
  • This app offers a user-friendly interface with smooth functionality.

Photo Converter

10 Best Image To PDF Converter Apps For Android

Need to convert any image instantly on PDF file format? Pick Photo Converter to get high-quality PDFs quickly.

  • A comprehensive app that will help you to convert many images into jpg, png, web, gif, or PDF file formats.
  • Lets you select images from the Gallery or directly click the photo from the camera.
  • This app supports multiple file formats such as PNG to BMP, JPG to BMP, BMP to PNG, GIF to JPG, PNG to BMP, BMP to JPG, etc.

Concluding Notes

Converting JPG to PDF has many benefits. These apps offer accurate conversion along with other useful features. 

However choosing a feature rich application that will best suit your requirements can be a tedious and time consuming task, so we highly recommend you to go with the expert’s choice. FlashScan- the ultimate image to PDF converter app for its top-notch features, consistency and capabilities of generating high-quality PDF files in seconds.

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