11 Different Types Of Hinges You Need to Know About

11 Different Types Of Hinges You Need to Know About
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In the hardware departments, hinge is the under-appreciated member. But, the hinge plays an important role in keeping your door in its right position. The hinges are available in different styles and sizes. It is recommended that you should choose the right style of hinge for your project. Well, it is dependent on where and how you install hinges. Also, it is based on the end finished look you want to achieve:

Here are the List of Hinges You Need to Know About

1. Butt Hinge

It is one of the most commonly used hinges on the doors. This type of hinge has obtained its name from its unique structure. It is composed of the two leaves which are mortised inside the door and frame. It will let the two leave to butt up against each other.

The butt hinges are divided into three different categories: ball bearing, spring-loaded, and plain. Usually, builders use a plain hinge for fixing the interior doors of the house. The two leaves of the hinge are integrated by the pin.

2. Ball Bearing Hinge

The ball bearing hinge consists of lubricated bearings. The bearings are placed between the hinge knuckles to reduce the friction level between the heavy doors. The ball-bearing hinges are durable and perfect for heavy main doors. These types of hinges can easily withstand regular wear and tear due to frequent use. These are perfect barn door hinges and ball bearing hinges can also be used in the shed doors.

3. Spring-Loaded Butt Hinge

If you want to ensure that the door automatically closes behind you, then you should consider the installation of a spring-loaded butt hinge. This type of hinge is mostly used on screen doors and you can easily calibrate these hinges as per your requirement.

4. Rising Butt Hinge

The rising butt hinge helps in raising the door approximately ½ inch so that the area for thick pile carpet is cleared. When you close the door, it will look like a regular hinge. When you open your door, then you will get to know the difference.

5. Barrel Hinge

The barrel hinge is used for a special type of wood-related project such as a box-like cabinet or small-size cabinet. This type of hinge is small in size and it is perfect for various ideal projects. Also, it is perfect for those kinds of projects in which you want to hide the hinge. You have to simply drill holes of accurate size to easily accommodate the barrels and properly install the hinges. Usually, these barrel hinges are made up of brass. The barrel hinges are not used for load-bearing applications.

6. Concealed Hinge

The types of hinges are designed to stay hidden. The main objective of these hinges is to retain the beauty of furniture such as cabinets. The concealed hinges are self-closing. Moreover, you can adjust these types of hinges with the help of doors. These types of hinges are not exposed and that’s why these hinges are tamper-proof. These hinges provide a high level of security that regular hinges do not.

7. Knife Hinge

The knife hinges are most used in the cabinets. The knife hinges are also known as pivot hinges. These types of hinges look like the blades of a pair of scissors. The knife hinges are integrated with the pivot point. One leaf of the hinge should be fixed into the end of the cabinet’s door and another leaf should be fixed into the cabinet.

After installation, the only pivot will be visible. Some pivot hinges let the pivot door close and open on both sides. Mostly, these types of pivot hinges are used in kitchen restaurants. The spring-loaded hinges are very large and are heavy.

8. Overlay Hinge

Some hinges can add thickness to the cabinetry. If you want to reduce the thickness, then you should consider the installation of overlay hinges. This type of hinge folds back and will not add thickness to the cabinetry.

9. Offset Hinge

Have you ever tried to shift a couch from one room to another? Usually, it is difficult to move the couch through the doorways. In this situation, the offset hinges are very helpful because these hinges let you easily swing the door away from the doorframe. It will widen up the doorway by at least two inches. Ultimately, you can easily move the furniture from the doorway.

10. Piano Hinge

The piano hinge is large and it is named so because of the hinge on a piano’s lid. There are two leaves in the Piano hinge and a long rod runs through the knuckles. The long rod is responsible for holding two leaves together. When it comes to toy boxes, the piano hinge is perfect. It is also used in storage benches, fold-down desks, and many more.


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