19 Speed Blog Optimization Tips And Keeping Visitors

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Friend’s Blogger, loading speed is one important factor in blog performance in the eyes of visitors. It’s good for blogs, visitors instead we ordered a long waiting for loading. Lots of tips to speed up the appearance of a blog and here is a collection of super powerful tips that I gather from several sources about speed up the look of Blog.

On many websites discussing similar topics I notice there are some similar points (in other words: many recommend and prove it), so here I will tell you tips regarding speed blog optimization and also share my views on “HOW TO SPEED UP A BLOG PERFORMANCE “.

Just imagine if the internet users have to wait a few minutes until the website/blog we appear on the screen (computer means). There will be comments not as good as. The website is really slow, blogging inlet, cannot really open the website mocospace login, the blog is hard to access, why loading a long time, the website sucks.

Well, turn to the website owner trying to open … Watch! Continue to think “lest on the run customers remain, visitor, my blog”. Who has not become a buffer? Ehmm .. roughly can-can ill-feel (slang feeling hehe) with a first impression that is not tempting.

According to the survey (google results) when our blog loading 3 seconds we will lose 40% visitors. If after more than 8 seconds then the possibility of visitors blurred 90%. If the Google site loading up to more than 1 second they lose traffic and profit to 20%. It seems very important to load our blog time.

Tips For Speed Blog Optimization:

  1. Use as little as possible image/image, CSS / stylesheet, script, the flash object in a blog.
  2. Use an image store website outside of your server. Like Flickr.com, Photobucket.com etc.
  3. Image Optimization: After you finish editing the image that will be used to beautify the article do not forget to optimize it by “save for web” where the size and color will be optimized as possible by the image editor (Photoshop for example).

    The higher the level of optimization decreases its file size as well as its quality. So please choose the appropriate settings. If you want an online image optimizer there is also.
  4. Also, select a specific format for a particular image type. JPG is used to store still images (camera shots). GIF format for logo or button image only variations of pretty little order. Well if the level of diversity of our image color is quite a lot but it is not a picture or true color just use PNG instead of GIF.
  5. CSS Optimization: Use the Clean CSS tool to reduce repetitive properties in the CSS or whitespace code that we think is normal, whereas it plays a role in loading pages. So essentially cleaning the case with the tool let our blog CSS clean of which we should not need.
  6. Place Javascript outside the file/file separately as a .js file instead of writing all of it in the head section. Nice site about this: http://javascriptcompressor.com
  7. Using a slash (/) in the URL suffix of our blog. For example, I wrote my blog address: HTTP://queknow.com. So the server does not have to think any more time will load the page and immediately known as the directory page.
  8. Use Height and Width tags: Many people ignore the image size in the image code. And if we directly fill the size of the image directly the browser will know the size of the image before loading the image. Certainly, speed up blogs appear along with the pictures.
  9. Do not use auto-play video or audio. Makes it slow and quite annoying. I once opened one friend’s blog. The not yet visible blog even sounded radio channels that again make slow song request (in the majority of internet cafe internet access minimal bandwidth). Yes if visitors like the music. If not? then does it yourself.
  10. Place Widgets and composition the contents of the most important according to the function placed above and then below. So visitors can see things they want to know if they do not have time to scroll down the page.
  11. Be aware that the majority of internet addicts or internet explorers on average have “banner blinds”. No interest in banner ads. So it’s wise for us to consider placement because it is possible if it is not in place and the exact banner size will be ignored by visitors.
  12. Do not be too fond of filling all parts of the blog with too many things. Because it seems a bit empty a majority of bloggers will try to invent objects in situ. Whether the ads are clumped, money-making widgets, either flash games, gif images or animations are blink-blink, and so forth.

    Try to make the eyes of visitors crowded with members on the sidelines between the blogs because it will not require additional time a blog contained in the browser. ” Simplicity is where it’s at ” for me. Take a look at the look of this blog! Simple is not. Because I create blogs and set the layout for a personal taste that likes simplicity (Allah).
  13. Eliminate removing or subtracting links in the footer: blog name, RSS feed URL, comment feed URL which actually adds a blog database query. If the link powered by WordPress is removed it may also lie, but many bloggers are shy (awkward, java language) or do not know if put a link to this WordPress tradition (optional), so for this one thing depends on you.
  14. Try checking the speed of loading your blog with Search on google “web speed tool” and also Google Page Speed. In addition to looking for plugins for firefox, it’s the same thing.
  15. Check for errors that may exist on web pages with the Firebug Firefox addon.
  16. Install also Yslow Firefox addon to know the slow blog accessed based on Yahoo Website Performance standards. https://www.queknow.com/

Apart From Speed Blog Optimization, These Are some additional website speed optimization tips Increase Loading Blog WordPress:

Such as your use WordPress is actually quite sparing loading time in general. The following tips are also worth in speed blog:

  1. Always upgrade the latest WordPress, consider there must be Performance Enhancement (WordPress WordPress loading speed).
  2. The use of too many plugins will aggravate website loading. So consider installing plugins that are really necessary only. Disable or delete unnecessary plugins Flingster. Do not forget to upgrade the latest plugin when available.
  3. Install Caching Plugin: WP-Cache or WP-Super-Cache whose function catches cache so it will not take long to load the same file the time the blog is accessed.


Mobile-first indexing is very helpful in prioritizing the mobile version website. Hopefully, these tips add to the speed of loading ala blogger speed this german fat. If there is an addition from friends blogger, please share here.

I pray, hopefully, your blog can be accessed quickly as fast as lightning, such as not fast enough, at least the visitors do not run away before looking at the contents of your blog interesting reads them.

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