4 Back Stretches to Help With Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain
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Did you know that shoulder pain is one of the most common pains reported in the United States? This makes it the second most common among all pain types.

As you may know, it often stems from a variety of injuries and conditions that cause pain in the surrounding musculature and soft-tissue structures.

This guide will explore the causes, pain types, back stretches, and more to help you better understand, prevent, and treat shoulder pain.

1. Lower Neck And Upper Back Stretch

The lower neck and upper back stretches are the easiest ways to perform from the comfort of your own home. Begin by kneeling on the ground, hands resting on your thighs. Take a slow, deep breath in and relax your neck and shoulders.

Hold for 15 to 20 seconds, focusing on letting your shoulder blades pull apart and drop. Exhale and gently return your head back to the starting position. Repeat this stretch 3 or 4 times.

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2. Shoulder Rolls

By rotating your shoulders in a circular motion, you can increase your range of motion and help to reduce tension in tight muscles. Start by taking a deep breath in, and as you exhale, roll your shoulders back and around as if you were making a circle with your arms.

Do this slowly and with control until you feel a gentle stretch at the back of your shoulders. To further increase the stretch, gently draw your shoulder blades back and down as you reach the end of your shoulder roll. This back stretch can provide lasting relief to shoulder pain and can be easily done throughout your day for a quick break from sitting too long.

3. Wall Push-Up

To perform this back stretch, stand with your back against a wall and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend your arms out and up at the elbows and keep your back and head pressed against the wall. Spread your shoulder blades wide as you move your clasped hands slowly up and away from the wall.

Hold this pose for a few seconds while focusing on deep breathing before returning your hands and arms to the starting position. This stretch helps relax your shoulders, improves posture, and releases tension in the upper back and neck, thereby relieving shoulder pain.

4. Resisted Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Pull the bands apart while squeezing your shoulder blades together, and then release. The further apart you can pull, the more intense the stretch. After 3-5 repetitions, take a break and relax, or increase the resistance band’s tension to make the exercise more challenging.

Start Feeling An Improvement In Your Shoulder Pain

Back stretches can be an effective way to relieve shoulder pain. They can improve flexibility, reduce stress, and improve posture. If you suffer from this, add a few of these stretches to your daily routine. With regular practice and consistent stretching, you can experience a difference in your pain and mobility.

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