5 Best VR Games That You Can Make You Feel Real

5 Best VR Games That You Can Make You Feel Real
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No doubt, we have been listening about VR concepts for various years. When we will introduce the VR concept in the gaming industry, we can enjoy the best experiences. VR games are providing the best experiences from the crazy stuff to moving and emotional moments etc. If you want to achieve total immersion, you should also play these games. While selecting the best VR games, you should look for some essential things. First, you should look for multiplayer compatibility. Secondly, you should also keep in mind your pace. If you will play other video games, you will have to sit at your place for various hours. Anyhow, when you will play these games, you can move around the space. At last, you should also consider your experience level while selecting the best VR games. Here, we will discuss the best VR games that will make you feel real.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission:

PlayStation VR is the best platform to play this one of the best VR games. You can easily buy this game from GameStop for just $19.99. While playing this action game, you will have to save various members. These members scatter across the space. While playing this game, you may find 20 main levels. Moreover, you will have to complete 26 challenge levels. While crossing these challenge levels, you will keep entertained for a long time. In the game display, you will find a 360-degree gaming experience. Here, you will also find different weapons.

In these weapons, there come throwing stars, water guns and hook shots etc. After playing this game, you may genuinely memorize its adventures.  While playing this game, the player has to sit at the acknowledged position. To control the scammers, you will have to sit at the centre of the map. Here at Queknow you will find lots of sports and games here. You can easily combine these levels with the spectacular bosses. For sending grappling hooks and water jets, you may find a suite of power-ups. You can open up the DualShock while collecting the doodahs.

Beat Saber:

To buy this game from Steam, you will have to pay $29.99. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR are the best platforms to play this game. This game will provide an active twist to the players along with music and rhythm. Its setup is just like some other music games. Anyhow, you don’t need to control virtual ships and fake instruments. To slash your way, you will have to sing a song. Moreover, you will also find virtual laser swords. When you will start playing this game, it will play the music. As a result, you can see different patterns of colour-coded blocks on the screen.

You will have to hit these blocks with the correct controller. While playing this game, you can’t make enough mistakes. It will provide an active experience to the players and you can’t play this game by sitting. It is a worth exploring game for people who love music and motion. If you want to completely drain your energy, you must play this one of the best VR games. It is also providing a scrolling runway of coloured beats to the players. When you will play this game, you will feel a coloured light bar in your hand.

Budget Cuts:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Budget Cuts is available on Steam just within $29.99. If you want to play this game, you will have to use HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve index platforms. Here, you may find cost-cutting robots. These robots will terminate your employment by all means. You will have to stay and work in the office to save your job. To save your job, you will have to use stealth tactics. Sometimes, you will have to resort to aggressive violence to save your job. In the Budget Cuts, you will also see the future of the jobs. AI and automation technology will take up the jobs that human beings are doing. Therefore, this is one of the best VR games to get real-world experience.

Danger Goat:

You can easily buy this game from the Microsoft Store for just $5.99. Windows Mixed Reality is the best platform to play this game. You should play this game as a kind Goat Stimulator. When you will play this game as a kind Goat Stimulator, you will find that the life of a goat is not easy. No doubt, it is a less bizarre game. Anyhow, when you will find missiles, traps and robots in your way, you may find it difficult to escape. Here, you will find bright and pleasant environments. Danger Goat is teaching us that we should not be fooled by these bright and pleasant environments. Its reason is that dangers are lurking at all the turns.


To buy this one of the best VR games from Amazon, you will have to pay $19.95. After buying this game from Amazon, you can easily play it on PlayStation VR. No doubt, it is the showcase title for the PS4’s VR capabilities. If you want to use PS VR Aim, you can easily download and play this game. For the first-person shooters, they have designed a special gun-shaped controller. When you will play this game, you can track the movements of the players at the 1:1 scale. This thing will create a realistic experience of the shooting machines. Here, you will have to come across the deadly alien environment. You may have to face lots of problems to survive the deadly enemy encounters. No doubt, it will provide a relatively short experience to the players. Anyhow, it has become the best choice for PlayStation lovers.


After buying virtual reality headsets, if you want to try these headsets, you should try to play the best VR games. When you will play these games, you will observe some cool things that are happening in the gaming industry. To make the gaming industry realistic and exciting, it has brought great revolutions in the industry. For example, if you want to keep entertained for a long time, you should play Astro Bot Rescue Mission. If you want to enjoy music and motion together, you should play Beat Saber. To see how robots will replace human beings at jobs, you should play Budget Cuts.

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