5 EHR that Will Help Manage your Practice

5 EHR that Will Help Manage your Practice
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What is an EMR Software?

These days EMR software does much more than helping you manage your patient records. This software can allow you to better manage your schedule, look at your finances and do a lot more. These days EMR software helps you to manage your practice much more. In this piece, we will tell you about various EHR software which is incredibly helpful with managing your practice. If you want to know which EHR you can employ at your practice to help you manage everything then keep reading. We will tell you about various EHR software available in the market to serve your needs; from Practice Mate to AdvancedMD EHR. 

These days EHR software are mandatory according to the law in most states however, we do suggest choosing an EHR from the list that you think will serve your needs best. Keep reading to learn more. 

Practice Mate

The first software on our list is Practice Mate because of the amazing features it has. The software has a great claim scrubbing feature which enables you to make things so much easier in terms of finances. Because of the claims feature in Practice Mate, you can automate your claims filing process and reduce the number of errors you would have otherwise made in filing claims. This helps you get your claims both accepted and reimbursed much earlier than before. Another great feature in this software happens to be the patient scheduling feature which helps you schedule as many appointments in a day as possible. Because of this feature in Practice Mate, you are easily able to ensure that you increase your revenue as well because this feature helps you to see more patients in a day than was previously possible. All in all, this is a wonderful feature which helps you considerably. 


The next software on our list after Practice Mate is RXNT because of the various wonderful features this software comes with. RXNT has a great e-prescription feature which is very beneficial. This feature allows you to completely automate the prescription process so that you can make things easier for yourself as well as for your patient. This is because your patient will no longer have to come and visit your practice but can simply go to whatever pharmacy is most convenient for them. The feature also warns you of any drug interactions which you should be wary of and hence save both you and your patients from a lot of issues. The templates feature within this software is also stellar in how it gives you a wide variety of templates to choose from. This software further allows you to make customizations to the template so that it might suit your needs better too.


NextGen EMR is included in our list because the dashboard feature within this software is amazing. The feature is so user friendly that it takes no time at all for you to be able to get used to the software. The feature helps you reduce the learning curve you might experience within software and is practically avoided so that you can start using the software without any worries. The software also has a great billing feature which allows for a reduction in the number of mistakes you might experience when doing billing manually and hence being able to get your bills reimbursed much sooner than before. All in all; this is great software for managing various aspects of your practice and you should definitely consider it. 


The next software on our list is AdvancedMD which has a myriad of features that make it easier to manage your practice for you. The software has a patient portal feature that dramatically helps reduce the number of things on your plate in terms of managerial duties. The software allows patients to log in to their own ID through which they can easily schedule their own appointments, look at billing and communicate with you among other things. The software also has a great e-prescription feature which eliminates an unnecessary patient visit to your practice. This helps make things much easier for both you and your patients. 

EpicCare EMR

The final software on our list is Epic EMR which is the largest EMR software company in the market right now. This software has every feature imaginable and is perhaps the leader in innovation when it comes to EMR software. The claims scrubbing feature in this software helps you to file claims in no time at all and also reduce the number of mistakes in your claims. What this does is, helps you to easily get your claims approved and hence improves the cash flow for your practice. Getting claims accepted on time is a big issue for a lot of medical practices. The software also has a really good patient scheduling feature. This feature not only optimizes your daily schedule considerably but also helps you in setting new appointments when there is a last-minute cancellation. This is because there is a waitlist feature that automatically sets a new appointment in the wake of cancellation even if it is at the last minute! This helps ensure that you save time on your end considerably. 

Is an EMR Important for Practice Management

Honestly, this depends on you. These days EMR is equipped with wonderful features which make managing your practice much easier. We highly recommend you look at some of the options we have listed below. Whether you choose Practice Mate or Epic EMR, we are sure you will find that it helps you manage your practice much more easily than before.

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