5 Of The Best Canvas Ideas For Your Kid’s Bedroom

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5 Of The Best Canvas Ideas For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Redecorating a kid’s bedroom can seem like a challenge. Their interests can change in the blink of an eye, so it’s understandable that you might not be ready to commit to the common themes that come to mind. As your kids grow, so do their interests, and you want to be able to give your children a room that expresses who they are and what they love. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of canvas ideas for your kid’s bedroom that will help you get started. 

Kids need a bedroom to play in and be inspired in. It should be a place they can both relax in and create in, a personal space that lets them be whoever they want to be. With all that in mind, we have some ideas to make any bedroom special with personal touches that they will love.

7 Best Canvas Ideas For Your Kid’s Bedroom That They Will Love

Ready to get started creating a little oasis for your children? Here are a few ideas for canvas art that will guarantee your child will love their room.

Start By Getting Your Child Involved

Before you even get started, get your kid involved! Let them help you decide what colors they canvas pwant before you get too excited about ordering canvas prints. They will love the experience of thinking of ideas and decided where art should be hung up. If it’s a shared bedroom, discuss how you can split the space so that each child gets exactly what they want. 

One great idea to get your children involved is to have them draw or paint their own art. Using regular paper, you can scan in their hard work and have it blown up on our top-quality canvas to give their room a personal touch you won’t be able to get anywhere in stores. Allowing them to be a part of this process will give them a sense of pride and ownership in their room. 

Canvas art is an easy and low-cost option for children’s bedrooms, so you can make it an annual tradition to have them create new art to be printed for their rooms. 

Go Big and Bold With Their Favorite Things

When it comes to canvas ideas for your kid’s bedroom, we think you should go big and bold with all of their favorite things. Make a statement with a giant canvas print of their favorite movie character, or a couple of large paintings that include the scenes from their favorite book. Maybe it’s a simple stencil print of rocket ships or ballerinas. Like we mentioned above, make sure you talk to your kid about what they love the most! They’ll help you decide the perfect theme to make sure they love their new bedroom.

Maybe Choose Geometric and Subtle

We understand the hesitation that most parents have about committing to one theme. Maybe your kid is obsessed with superheroes this week, but next week it will be all about pirates. That’s why we think geometric patterns is an excellent compromise that can be both modern and kid-friendly. Sleek lines and bold colors can go with any theme, and it’s easy to customize them in a color pallet that your kid will love. 

You can even keep these patterns subtle and muted so that as they change items in their room, the art on their walls stay neutral and only add to the decor. Try using simple gray and white or bold black and white text that goes with everything. You can always add colorful frames and other decor items as they get older and change their mind about what they are interested in.

Use Their Name and Favorite Books As Art

We’ve mentioned ideas like this before, but a great way to personalize any space, especially for children, is to include their name. It’s easy to design around the theme of the room, just pick the right font and print onto high-quality canvas. They’ll love the personal touch and the idea of having their own space that belongs only to them. It’s also a great way to separate a shared bedroom, especially if there are two conflicting personalities sharing a space.

Another idea is to include quotes and text pieces as art on their walls from their favorite books or stories. Maybe they have a favorite comic book or graphic novel. Copy a page and enlarge it to hang up in their room. Print out a quote from their favorite bedtime story that they can enjoy all day long. Whatever you choose, text as art is becoming increasingly more popular, and it’s an easy way to make a bedroom unique and personal to your child.

Canvas Ideas For Kid’s Bedroom That Will Grow As They Do

The great thing about Canvas Factory is that they make it affordable to continue ordering pieces as your child gets older. Maybe they are all about make-believe now, but in a few years, they might not be quite as obsessed with unicorns and astronauts. If you want to give them art that supports their favorite things now, feel free to get what you want now and then replan in a few years. Though some people choose to keep art neutral, we think that kids are only kids once, so make their bedroom an oasis they will actually enjoy. 

Hopefully, we’ve given you a few canvas ideas for your kid’s bedroom that will help you create a space that is as unique as your child’s personality. There’s no end to possibilities when it comes to creating a perfect bedroom space, especially when you use Canvas Factory. We have a plethora of options when it comes to ordering canvas, from size and shape to millions of free images you can use and customize. 

Start by browsing through some of our options and let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to help you design the bedroom of your kid’s dreams, and make it a relaxing space for them to be in. Ready to get started? 

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