5 Things You Should Know About Urban Dance

Urban Dance
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Do you feel inspired by Urban Dance but aren’t sure how to start?

For many people, the idea of learning Urban Dance is intimidating. They feel they’re not in the right shape, or their urban tunes don’t suit the beat. However, that’s all in their head.

Learning Urban Dance lessons can open many doors in terms of confidence and improved health. It can also bring you closer to your friends or help budding dancer find their homes.

Here are a few things you must know before signing up for Urban Dance classes:

1. Not Just a Type of Dance

Urban Dance is a movement that is far more than just a type of dance. It has emerged as an entire urban culture deeply rooted in the music, lifestyles, and values that many urban youths live day to day. It serves to connect with others and explore their creativity.

Taking an urban dance class allows students to become immersed in this culture, learning the latest dance moves in sync with the rhythm.

2. Focuses Heavily on Rhythm and Flow

Urban dance focuses heavily on rhythm and flows with a heavy emphasis on the ability to make music with the body. It is a specialized form of dance that is heavy on improvisation and creativity.

There is a strong base pattern, and certain movements are repeated, allowing for more freedom. As the music flows through the body, the dancer must know the beat in each moment and use a combination of sounds and movements to create a distinct flow.

3. Has a Wide Range of Styles

Urban Dance has a wide range of styles, ranging from more traditional Hip Hop dancing and Funk styles to newer and more experimental movement forms. In traditional Hip Hop, dancers often incorporate elements of street-style dance, such as tutting, waving, locking, popping, and break-dancing.

Funk styles are from the 90s and incorporate more up-rocking, waacking, and house styles. Beyond these more traditional styles, there has been a surge of new forms of urban dance that experiment with different movement forms.

4. Requires a Lot of Practice

Urban Dance requires a lot of hard work and dedication to impress audiences and refine one’s dance skills. Even if natural talent is abundant, the artist must be willing to practice and perfect the step-by-step intricacies that make up the dance style.

There are various aspects to consider, such as timing and coordination, posture, turning, footwork, body isolations, and partnering techniques.

5. Experienced a Huge Surge in Popularity

Urban Dance has experienced a huge surge in popularity over recent years, with many dance crews competing for recognition throughout the world. As a result, the diverse and innovative performances of these communities have affected modern culture.

Television shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dance Moms highlight the talent and success of urban dancers. YouTube and other online platforms have served as effective platforms for showcasing new talent and inspirational performances.

Consider These Urban Dance Facts

Urban Dance is a great way to express creativity, stay active, and have fun. It is not just a type of dance. It has a wide range of styles that focus heavily on rhythm and flow and requires a lot of practice that surge in popularity over recent years.

Whether you’re looking to learn new moves or form a crew, there’s a style and community for you to explore. Try it today and discover the amazing world of Urban Dance!

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