5 Things You Should Not Ignore While Visiting The Desert Safari In Dubai

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The record-breaking architecture, adventure parks, breathtakingly amazing deserts, and countless fine-dining restaurants are perfect for tourists to spend a worthy time with their family members and friends. If you are an adventure-seeker and looking for outdoor activities, there are plenty of choices for you. Not only you can visit amusement parks but also desert safari activities will match your taste. Many tourists want to visit Dubai in the winter season because from October to March the weather is perfectly mild to enjoy off-roading, camping, or trekking. These activities are not to miss out whenever you are visiting the desert safari adventures in Dubai.

  1. Thrilling dune ride over the dunes:

The most demanding desert sport included in desert safari Dubai deals is the dune bashing. The SUV cars and jeeps are perfect to ride over beveled dunes. The tourists preferably sit on the back seat to enjoy this adventuresome ride. You can also sit on the front seat unless you are comfortable. Hold on firmly are you are going to swirl in the middle of the desert. This roller-coaster-like ride will make you energetic. Imagine teetering on the top of a dune, then suddenly dipping down from there, and going back again.

  • Rev up your hearts with exciting quad biking:

The desert safari Dubai deals include quad biking activity to kick in the face of the desert. The big red dunes of the Arabian Desert in Dubai are famous for enjoying quad biking adventures. You can ride quad bikes yourself. You will not resist yourself navigating through desert exploring its beauty. The quad bikes are super speedy, that’s why wear helmet, gloves, knee pads, and safety goggles. Tiny grains of sand striking your face add up a little spice to this adventure. However, follow the advice of your guide to avoid any accident.

  • Enjoy slippery sandboarding slides:

Sandboarding is a perfect match for adrenaline-seekers. Your adventure tour Dubai is incomplete if you have not tried this desert sport. Strap sandboard on your feet and slide down the dunes just as you enjoy snowboarding. Falling and gliding through inclined dunes is an amazing feeling. The dunes are powdery soft and feel like cotton when you fall over it. However, follow the tips of your guide to double the joy of this adventure.

  • Enjoy royal desert camel ride:

The adventure tour Dubai includes royal camel rides towards the campsite. It brings traditional style Arabian experiences that you are looking for. Riding on the camels you can explore the charismatic landscape of the desert. The eagles flying right above your head will make you fall in love with them. Even you can stop at the campsite to get information about high-class camels.

  • Explore traditional cuisine and dance:

The tempting smell of delicious dinner will water your mouth. The typical Arabian dishes are finger-licking delectable. Would it not be lovely to enjoy spectacular Belly dance, Tanura dance, or fire dance along with sumptuous dinner at the campsite.

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