6 Types of T-shirts Every Man Should Own

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There is no doubt that men look attractive in T-shirts and jeans. And every man wants to wear a t-shirt when it comes to casual attire. T-shirts have iconoclastic history and are very comfortable to carry. Also, their easy availability has contributed to the ever-rising popularity of the T-shirts.

They are available almost everywhere, from small clothing stores in the local area to big fashion showrooms in shopping malls. They come in a wide range of designs and colors and give trendy looks to men. 

Most of the men prefer to wear around neck or collar t-shirts, but in today’s modern world, there are a variety of men t-shirts to choose from. Slogan T-shirts, which are also known as Slogan t-shirts are very famous among youngsters. There is a wide collection of funny T-shirts on the internet that allow you to have some fun with style. This type of T-shirt looks cool on holidays or special occasions. 

For example, wouldn’t it be great if you wore a printed T-shirt with the quote “Best Dad Forever” on Father’s Day? The funny T-shirts are best to make a special event even more special, whether it’s wedding rituals, festivals, or any other occasion.

Here are the various types of t-shirts that you should include in your capsule wardrobe -:

  • Polo T-shirt

Polo T-shirt is a collared T-shirt that comes with a placket neckline and two or three neck buttons. These are best suited for men with lean bodies and can be worn for formal events, golf, and hanging out with buddies. These are also known as golf-Ts and are usually short-sleeved.

  • Hanley’s T-shirt 

This T-shirt is the fusion of a basic T-shirt and a Polo T-shirt and is another great attire to enhance your look. It’s a round neck collarless t-shirt and has 2-5 buttons. It is available in both full sleeve and half sleeve, and various colors and sizes. They are tight-fitting t-shirts that look fabulous on men with wide shoulders and chest. You can also tuck in this T to show off your physique.

  • V-neck T-shirt

These are less formal kinds of T-shirts and well suited to a person with a small height. It adds a bit of height to the appearance and gives them a more modern look. If you want to show your abs and biceps, then you should have one such t-shirt in your wardrobe.

  • Printed T-shirt

The printed T-shirt is a great way to flaunt your personality and to look attractive. You can wear it to support your favorite brand, political statement, or to show your love toward something. The prints of these T-shirts are generally extracted from computers and designed by graphic designers. Many online and offline clothing stores offer funny T-shirts collections that tell imaginary stories without any strong beliefs behind it.

  • Striped T-shirt

Striped T-shirts are perfect for summer. These are available in wide, narrow, horizontal, and vertical stripes. These are one of the classy T-shirts, originated from French navy uniforms. Generally, it comes in a round neck and is very fashionable to wear.

  • Plain T-shirt

It is the most basic form of T-shirt and is best for those who prefer to look clean and simple. These Ts are evergreen and never go out of trend. You can easily mix and match these with any semi-casual and casual attire.

The Bottom Line

All of the above T-shirts are in fashion. But, you should choose the T-shirt according to your physique, height, and skin complexion. And, don’t forget to check the quality of the fabric before making the final decision.

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