6 Useful Tech Blogs In India To Follow

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Are you hooked in to technology? Are you usually trying to find new tech updates? For all you technology buffs out there, we’ve compiled a definitive list of top tech blogs in India whom you ought to follow for your regular dosage of tech trivia.

The list has been arranged within the increasing order of their  blog score, a singular score that takes under consideration multiple factors like monthly traffic on blog and social media followers or audience engagement via comments, content relevance, frequency of posts and more.

Most probably you’re reading this text on your smartphone or laptop or on your desktop screen. In recent times many articles are published and skim regularly over the web via different devices.Here are the highest technology blog in India:

Here is that the 6 Useful Tech Blogs In India to follow


Shoutmeloud is one among the simplest tech blogs India you’ll find

With nearly 1 million subscribers ShoutMeLoud is that the ideal platform for those bloggers who want to realize expertise within the blogging arena.

The founding father of ShoutMeLoud is Harsh Agarwal who is an engineering graduate by education and a full-time blogger by profession.

ShoutMeLoud shares knowledge about WordPress tips, SEO tools, SEO tips, makes money online, business ideas and more.


9lessons may be a very fashionable programming blog for those that are hooked in to programming languages.

It was founded by Srinivas Tamada. he’s a blogger also as an entrepreneur and started his blogging on Google Blogger and gradually he moved on to custom domains and thus custom template which drew more visitors to his site.


Labnol was founded by Amit Agarwal, an engineer in computing from IIT, who had given up his corporate job in 2004 just to form blogging his profession.

His blog also brings him a gift . He has written columns in publications just like the Financial Express, The Wall Street Journal, The Hindustan Times, Outlook Magazine, etc.

Labnol.org affect articles regarding social-media based technology and daily updates from Google, Apple, WordPress, etc.


TechLila may be a must-visit site for getting all kinds of tech tips and innovative amazing tricks.

TechLila resembles a dictionary for many recent tech news containing an upscale source of the way to , tips, hacks, tricks, and insights.

Energetic about SEO and blogging, Rajesh Namse has 5 other individuals adding to the blog fundamentally in several jobs and blogs additionally acknowledges important blog posts, guest posts.


Ultimate Blogging Tips For Beginners!: one among the Top Tech blog in India that provide tips and tricks for beginners to form a career in blogging. Read their in-depth guides to create money-making authority blogs.


Sprout24 is founded by Ankit Prakash who may be a full-time digital marketer and an entrepreneur. At Sprout24 you’ll discover almost A to Z of digital marketing you would like to understand if you’re a digital marketer or thinking to be so.

His blog gives an easy and stylish look where he writes about Webmasters, software package reviews, Adwords, email marketing, etc.

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