7 Benefits of Stainless Steel – Infographic


Stainless steel is used in several different ways. It’s resistant to corrosion, and stainless properties make it an ideal choice for many applications. It requires little maintenance, meaning the purchase price will be recovered quickly because stainless steel does not require additional coating. Stainless steel can be cut welded, bent, formed, machined, assembled and fabricated as readily as traditional steels. The austenitic microstructure of the steel provides high toughness at elevated temperatures ranging far below freezing that makes these steels suited to cryogenic applications. 

Another significant benefit of using stainless steel materials is the major strength-to-weight advantage over other material options. The transparent layer of chromium oxide protects stainless steel materials and make them stain and corrosion-resistant. It is also the ideal choice for hospital and other hygiene-conscious conditions. Check out this infographic to know some more benefits of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel info 1 scaled

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