7 Essential Facts You Should Know About Alloy Steel – Infographic


Alloy steel used in a wide variety of applications as there are so many different combinations of alloying elements that achieve different properties. Alloy steel with a higher amount of elements such as chromium, copper, nickel, and molybdenum have a greater resistance to corrosion.

Heating alloy steels such as AISI 4340 and AISI 6150 can result in very high tensile strengths and hardness throughout the thickness of the material when compared with low carbon steel. Vanadium can increase corrosion, shock resistance, strength and toughness. Nickel, Silicon and Tungsten can increase corrosion, magnetism, oxidation resistance and strength. Some minor metals like titanium and zirconium create carbides that increase the strength and hardness of steel. Check out this infographic to know some more essential facts about alloy steels.

Alloy Steel infographic