7 Trends Backing iOS App Development!

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It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that iOS app development is taking over the world of app development. 

Since it was launched and until now, not just Apple has increased the number of its stores worldwide, but also a significant rise has been seen in the developers indulging in iOS app development. Even every other company in different parts of the world, such as an iOS application development company in the UK, or one in India, etc. suggests the iOS application development to be highly fruitful for one’s business growth. 

The results are highly impressive. And with such great results, it becomes essential to keep an eye on the changing iOS app development trends. 

Here are some major trends that have backed iOS app development until now and will continue to do the same in the future. 


The security protocols have always been a great advantage of iOS app development. The advanced layers of security, along with stringent policies to avoid hacking and breaching of data, make iOS technology preferred on a global level. 

The technology with a full focus on privacy and security issues ensures a safe and secure environment for its users. And it has even managed to achieve its goal of enhancing overall security and preventing cyber-attacks from happening.

For instance, ASWebAuthentication Session by Apple, for coordinating the cookies and site data for signing in, lets devices use authentication services frameworks for incorporating password manager apps.


Favourite in our list is the trend of SwiftUI, which is a UI (User Interface) toolkit enabling developers to design apps in a definite way. SwiftUI is so smart with its work that all you are required to do is to tell it how you want your user interface to look and feel like, and the rest gets taken care of by the tool itself. 

Allowing developers to tell about all the app states at once, SwiftUI diminishes the need to write code to move manually in between two app states. It moves on its own between multiple UI layouts whenever the state changes on the basis of what the developer asked to show on user action. 

You just ask the tool to follow, and it will make sure to do so!

Mac Catalyst

Mac Catalyst already has and is expected to see an uprise in the coming times. With Mac Catalyst by the side, native Mac apps can be built from the iPad apps. 

The apps with Mac Catalyst can share the same project along with the source code. This makes converting the features of an iPad app a lot easier and simple. 

That way, the developed Mac apps will use the same things, such as frameworks, resources, and runtime environment like an app built particularly for Mac. You can very-well initiate your custom iOS application development using Mac Catalyst. 

Reactive Programming Combine

Reactive Programming, in simple terms, is a paradigm that takes care of asynchronous data streams or streams of events. 

And Reactive programming is quite a lot related to the iOS platform. The same enabled the developers to give a thought to the working of events and how they are dependent on one another along with the overall impact on the business logic. 

Here Combine, a framework developed by Apple to provide a declarative Swift API for processing the values by time, also comes into the play. The troubles associated with nested closures that happen to come on to the surface when async values are processed over time can be solved using Combine. 

Combine can be brought to use to set together multiple publishers’ output along with coordinating their interaction. This results in writing an easy, readable, and maintainable code. 

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is another trend and framework, empowering developers with the ability to not only configure accessories but also develop actions to control them. It also allows apps to interact and control home automation accessories from multiple vendors. This helps in presenting all on the user interface. 

By making use of HomeKit, developers can create apps that explore HomeKit-compatible automation accessories, and then they are added to the cross-device home configuration database.

The data in the home configuration database can also be displayed and edited. The HomeKit also helps apps communicate with configured accessories and services.

Use of Flutter

Built on Google’s programming language Dart, Flutter provides an effective and productive way to create mobile apps with a combination of the advantages of a native framework and cross-platform.

Flutter earlier was for only Google products. But, things took a turn when Flutter itself turned into a cross-platform framework. And as the technology is growing, the iOS developers are showing more interest in the framework. 

Flutter can compile to the native iOS code. This makes using Flutter in iOS development very-well and avail benefits from its multiple features. 

Augmented Reality 

Another trend that can be associated with iOS app development is Augmented Reality. And ARKit is the largest and most popular AR platform in the entire world. 

Talking about ARKit 3 here, the ARKit 3 Reality Composer is the best option for building an AR iOS application. The RealityKit high-level augmented reality framework, which, too, makes the development of AR apps easier.

There is a feature called People Occlusion available in ARKit 3 to know the location of people and AR objects and then occlude the scene properly. Another is the Motion Capture feature that tracks human movement. This serves to the AR scene as the input. These features can be used to integrate human movement into the apps in an easy and effective manner. 

The list of other features include:

  • The face can be used along with tracking on the front and back camera simultaneously. 
  • The feature of the ARKit Face Tracking can track up to 3 faces using the TrueDepth camera simultaneously. 
  • Using this feature, developers can come together to develop a collaborative world map faster.
  • Up to 100 images can be detected at a moment 
  • Automatic image estimation
  • 3D-object detection 


Various trends have managed to solidify their presence to provide the best of custom ios application development for your project. 

More trends can be seen in the time to come to make the task of development easier, fun, and productive for developers. 

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