7 Unbelievable Advances In Gaming Technology So Far

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We all know that games and technology have always gone hand in hand. And with technology on the rise, we have seen a lot of advancement in video games as well. But, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be further change in the world of hardcore gaming. Each day brings a new and innovative change in the gaming industry.

Well, I’ll not beat around the bush. It is well understood that there has been numerous improvements in the gaming world since the past few decades. However, we have compiled below a list of 7 of the most wonderful and unbelievable advances in the gaming technology so far.

From artificial intelligence to evolving story-telling and 4k visuals, we’ve listed them all. So, keep reading until the very end to get the most out of it.

#1: Facial Recognition Technology

Did you know that the facial recognition and 3D scanning technology has enabled the gaming systems to make all that you like in the world of gaming? Yes, you can now easily make your own avatars that resemble you. You can even transfer them your expressions to them as well.

Your facial expressions might be a reason that the games difficulty level has been dialed down during gameplay.

#2: Voice Command AndRecognition

Are you one of those people who are lazy to even pick up the gaming controller or switch on their gaming pc? Well, this isn’t a problem anymore. Keep in mind that voice controlled games have been around us for quite a while now. We can easily say that it is the best use of such a technology in the gaming system as per yet.

With the help of this technology, not only will you be able to switch off and on your consoles, but will have full control over the gameplay as well.

Note: As quoted by onetwogamer, in the next few years, we will be seeing a lot of change in the world of gaming. So, sit back and wait for what gaming technology has for us.

#3: Hand-Gesture Control

Tired of using gaming controllers and want to lose them for good while still be able to play games? If yes, then don’t worry, opting for such a technology is the best choice you have. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play an FPS game, or simply want to interaction with your console, with the help of just hand gestures, you will be able to get control of it all.

#4: Enhanced Graphics

Do you remember playing games on the basic 8-bits graphics? I guess we’ve all played such games when we were children, right? However, with cutting edge technology, hardcore gamers can experience fully rendered graphics.

If you have a gaming system with good specifications, you can increase the image quality. It’ll seem like you are really a part of the game.

#5: HD Display

Since you’ve bought an expensive gaming PC with a top-notch graphics card and other thing, you should most definitely show it off. But how? Well, you need to enter the 4K gaming experience. 4K means that you’ll be supporting up to 4000 pixels. You might think that 1080 pixels are good enough for you, but once you get 4K, there is no going back.

#6: VR Technology

Although most of the games that allow virtual reality assistances have not been released commercially. However, VR headset kits are graceful enough to allow the gamer a full on gaming experience that you have never had. 

Using the VR technology, you will find yourself lost in the game world for sure until the game is over and you’ve come back in your own world.

#7: AR Technology

Do you think that the VR world is not working out for you? Well, why don’t you try playing games in your own world? You will not be confined to your TV sets or the screen of your PC, AR games proffer a state of the art gaming experience.

You can play Table tennis on your kitchen countertop, or play basketball while sitting in your room. Isn’t that awesome?

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