8 Causes of Premature Ejaculation You were Not Aware About

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A common sexual problem which men go through in Indian men is Premature Ejaculation. And it can affect any age. Tough, it generally happens when you are young, as you have less experience of it and you feel sexually secure. PE is ” Shigrapatan” in Hindi and is a problem in which men have trouble controlling their orgasm and ejaculate much sooner than they want to. Due to this, they generally cannot satisfy their partners. All in all premature ejaculation causes a lot of stress and anxiety among the couple. But by proper medical counseling and premature ejaculation medicines, this condition is curable and controllable.

There are two types of premature ejaculation causes which can affect you..


Premature Ejaculation is widely categorized into two types. First is lifelong premature ejaculation, which is not having control over your orgasm and can affect you lifelong if it’s not treated. And the second is “acquired premature ejaculation” which is when you have a normal period; before the problem of P.E begins. A lot of combinations of psychological and biological factors can cause the problem of Premature Ejaculation.

8 Reasons which can Cause Premature Ejaculation In you-

The exact causes of Premature Ejaculation are still unknown, but a lot of complex interactions of psychological and biological factors lead to P.E. Well some psychological and biological reasons which might lead to Premature Ejaculation are as follows.

Stress and Anxiety-

Researches show that a lot of people who are suffering from the problem of Premature Ejaculation; suffer from anxiety issues and are stressed about their sexual performance. Which in all adds more stress in their lives and they are unable to keep calm during sexual intercourse and their problem of Premature Ejaculation increases.

Relationship Problems-

If in past you were not experiencing problems related to Premature Ejaculation and had a satisfying sexual life. Where you never or rarely experienced Premature Ejaculation. This can be due to some interpersonal issues which you are facing with your partner, which is directly causing Premature Ejaculation in you.

Poor body Image-

If you are conscious about your own physical appearance and don’t feel confident about yourself. This can lead to you not fully involving yourself during sexual intercourse and can lead to Premature Ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction-

Men who have been suffering from erectile dysfunction can experience Premature Ejaculation very often as; during intercourse, they might form a habit to rush so that they can keep up their erections. Which might lead to Premature Ejaculation.

Abnormal Hormonal Levels-

If a person has abnormal hormonal levels, then increased hyperthyroidism hormonal level can lead to Premature Ejaculation. Thus, by treating it the problem of P.E can be controlled to an extent.

Inflammations and Infections-

Inflammation and infections of prostate and urethra can also lead to Premature Ejaculation Conditions. Enlarged prostate size with other andrological conditions can cause Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Inherited traits-

It might sound stupid, but some new studies suggest that premature ejaculation can be caused due to some genetic disorders too.

Early Sexual Experiences-

Early unsatisfactory sexual encounters can lead to, Premature ejaculation, as they may add a sense of insecurity and underconfidence in you.

Medicines for Premature Ejaculation Causes-

A lot of men find it embarrassing and not too comfortable discussing their sexual problems with others. Thus, a lot of online portals such as Ohman’s portal which takes care of a men’s sexual well-being; suggest some effective and affordable treatments for Premature Ejaculation. Some of the treatments might need a medical prescription from a doctor while others may not. Some of the treatments suggested by Ohman’s portal for Premature Ejaculation are as follows-

effective and affordable treatments for Premature Ejaculation

Medicines that Don’t Require a Medical Prescription-

All Natural Last Long Pack-

This pack has all the plant-based and herbal medicines to increase stamina and timing during intercourse. The pack contains Natural medicines, health supplements, and one instruction card. The pack lasts for 30 days and costs 799 INR.

herbal medicines to increase the stamina and timing during intercourse


Ayur Virility Pack-

This pack gives men optimum sexual performance by all plant-based medicines with no side effects. The pack lasts for 30 days and costs 1,999 INR. The package contains mix herbal tablets, health supplements, instruction cards, and delay capsules.

Oh! Man Male Pelvic Toner-

This digital toner is helpful in stimulating and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. As pelvic floor muscles have an important role during intercourse. It is a proven solution that uses physical therapy to recondition muscles. For effective results, you should use it daily for 30-60 minutes. This toner comes for 5,500 INR.

digital toner is helpful in stimulating and strengthen pelvic floor muscles

Medicines which Require A Doctor Prescription-

Last Long Pack-

This is an effective solution that uses a safe and scientific method to increase stamina and Ejaculation Time. The pack lasts for 30 days and requires a certified medical prescription to use it. This pack costs 1,399 INR, and it contains prescription-based medicines, Health Supplements, one consultation from Oh Man’s sexologist, and an instruction card.

uses a safe and scientific method to increase the stamina and Ejaculation Time.

Virility Ultra Pack-

This pack is scientifically proven to give you the desired results. All the medicines in the pack are clinically tested and are safe to use. The pack costs 2,299 INR, and it lasts for 30 days. The package contains Health supplements, prescription-based medicines, one sexologist free consultation, and an instruction card.


Premature Ejaculation is a very common problem which is faced by men at some point in their life. It can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable for people to discuss these problems with others; hence some online portals such as Ohman’s portal look after Men’s sexual well-being. Provide effective and affordable treatments for all your sexual issues. And hence it is safe to go for the treatments provided by the Ohman’s portal.

The medicines are easy to order from the portal and they make sure that your confidential information is safe and to their utmost priority. They deliver the medicines in highly discrete ways, in the given timeline. For further guidance, you can take the help of sexologists of Oh Man.

So, if you are too looking for an effective and affordable Pe medicine to cure all your intimate and sexual problems like Premature ejaculation causes. Check out the official site of Ohman.in and find the right solutions.

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