8 Newborn Babies Wholesale Shoes Styles in 2021

8 Newborn Babies Wholesale Shoes Styles in 2021
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Babies need a pair of shoes as soon as they start walking. However, the joy of putting on tiny shoes on your newborn’s little feet cannot be ignored. If you deal with wholesale baby accessories, you know that it can be difficult to find good baby wholesale shoes. Similarly, it can be difficult for parents to find adorable baby shoes that are also comfortable. 

Well, this article will help both the parents and the wholesalers. Here, you will find the top eight wholesale newborn baby shoe styles. So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is one of the most popular newborn baby shoes in the market. They are made with a flexible canvas fabric and terry cloth insole. In addition, these stylish baby shoes come with a Velcro front panel, which makes them perfect for easy slip on and off the baby’s little feet. The Cribster shoes come in black and white colors, and you can match them with any newborn outfit.

  • Ugg Bixbee

Newborn babies just need to keep their feet warm in cold months. These booties are made with fur and washable machine fabric. The fabric soles make these shoes super comfortable and soft for newborns. You can find these adorable booties in multiple colors. The wholesale price of these shoes is much lower than the retail one. Ugg Bixbee is a must-have for parents as well as for wholesalers of baby shoes.

  • Hudson Baby Fleece Booties

Hudson Baby Fleece Booties are perfect shoes for newborns in cold weather. These booties snap on easily and stay put in their place. The fuzzy fleece keeps the baby’s feet warm in winters. You can find these adorable booties in multiple colors to match with different outfits. The best thing about these newborn baby shoes is that they are washable.

  • Stride Rite Soft Motion Jamie Sneakers

Stride Rite shoes are popular among parents due to their huge variety of colors and styles. The Soft Motion Jamie Sneakers are comfortable and stylish. These newborn baby shoes are also certified by APMA. The memory foam insoles help prevent any skin rubs and irritability. These baby shoes are one of the safest and comfortable infant shoes on the market.

  • Freshly Picked City Mocc

These Moccasins from Freshly Picked are a must-have for every new parent. These are designed with soft leather and suede to provide a barefoot feel to newborns. Unlike other newborn baby shoes, these are very cost-effective. City Moccs are also super stylish and extremely durable, making them perfect for babies who start to crawl.  

  • Meckior Infant Shoes

Meckior’s infant shoes are similar to Vans slide-on sneakers. These cute sneakers come in attractive colors and patterns. The only drawback of these shoes is that they do not last for long. However, newborns grow fast, and you might not need the same size baby shoes for years. So, getting these wholesale newborn baby shoes will still be worth your money.

  • Carter’s Kids Glen Sneaker

Carter’s Kids Glen Sneakers come with a sweet rainbow arch across the top. These newborn baby shoes are made with flexible outer soles and a denim-like material. The hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to slip on and take off the shoes. Besides, the adjustable strap on these shoes will keep the shoes from slipping and losing. 

  • Momo Soft Sole Leather Bootie Shoes

Last but not least, Momo’s Soft Sole Leather Bootie Shoes are one of the most-selling shoes in the market. These colorful shoes come with handcrafted owl faces. The best thing about these newborn baby shoes is their ventilated leather, which keeps the baby’s feet dry and cool. In addition, the elastic ankle bands ensure that the shoes stay firmly in place. Momo’s baby shoes are available in various sizes, from newborn babies to pre-walkers.

Bottom Line

Wholesalers for baby shoes know how challenging it could be to select the best styles for newborn baby shoes. You need to be aware of the changing marketing trends to learn about the latest newborn baby shoe styles. We hope that this article will also help you find the most-admired newborn baby shoe styles this year.

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