8 reasons why people still love to greet their social family by greeting cards

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Greeting cards are categorized into many groups according to the needs of the society. Why most of the individuals still prefer custom handmade cards?

Custom Greeting Cards are the visuals, graphics or audible message, which is personalize with the sender’s sentiments. It is encloses in an envelope and comes in a variety of styles and design. It is a best source to cheer up someone.                                                                 

Classifications of Custom Greeting Cards

These cards are generally classified into two groups. Seasonal cards and Everyday cards. Seasonal cards are Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Friendship Day, Baby Shower Card, Valentine’s Day, Graduation and Halloween. Whereas Everyday cards are good wishes, Get Well Soon, Thank you Cards, Best of Luck Cards etc.

How we create great and eye-catchy Cards?

Use eye-catching colors and designs: 

A card becomes fascinating when we use bold color palettes. Striking fonts and visually appealing elements of design. 

Think carefully about front page of the card:

The front page of the card is most valuable part because it is the most visible area of it. That is why we emphasize on the display panel of the card. 

Add a Personal Touch:

The one who craft a card must draw and design some elements by hands. These are: fonts that can be create by hands, hand craft designs and graphics or hand lettering. It gives a little more personal and unique feel to the receiver.

Avoid using brand names, song lyrics and other references that copyright restrict:

 Do not mention the brand names, celebrity name and famous character in your designs. You must prohibit the copyright work in the design of your card.


Reason behind the love of people for custom cards

It seems amazing that in the modern era of internet and virtual cards, people still love personal greetings. According to a survey, about 90% of the people still prefer receiving tangible cards instead of Email greeting. Because getting a personal and hand crafted cards feels more special. Here we discuss some reason.

They are concrete and real:

Like the bouquet of flowers, these salutation are also real and tangible. You can place it on the table or desk when you receive the card. Just similar to the bouquet of flowers and always be reminded of it. It is the continuous source of appreciation.

They show that someone is thinking of you:

It also expresses love and shows that someone is thinking of you and makes you feel special.

Enduring and Long lasting:

Best wishes cards are forever tied to gift giving. It means that no one hesitate in conveying you hearted message with the help of customized cards. You have an emotional attachment with old acknowledgement.

Endlessly customizable:

It’s another advantage is that you can easily write, create and draw. You may either craft or decorate your well wishes according to your need however, whichever or whenever you want.

Greeting Cards looks better then Electronic Cards. These cards are eternal.

More substantial and personal:

Getting the first hand and peculiar cards always feels exceptional among others. It seems that you may feel the card. You may also feel the love, affection and warmth of the sender.

More emotional

Receiving a hand written and hand crafted greeting has greater heart breaking effect and soul stirring impact on people, instead of receiving emails or text. In other words, sending custom cards surely bring a pour smile on your face.  Email or texts would be hard and difficult to have same emotional and sentimental response to others. It allows people to connect and fix at particular emotional level with our family, friends, colleagues and employees.

More authentic

People just pick and select cards according to their personality, taste, values and morals. You can also select E-cards according to your taste on the internet. But it is less authentic than those of tangible greeting cards.

E-Greeting Cards

E-greeting cards are more user-oriented and convenient. It is more endearing or adorable. But it is very nice and special to receive a mail through the postman, having a greeting card with the signature of your loved ones. It gives you a nice, fuzzy, soft and heart melting feelings.

New Trends and Customer Requirements

Cards with hand lettering, unique textures or themes, three dimensional graphics, different audio. LED lighting is more popular among the customers with positive messages, spiritual matter and customized content. New generation wants those greeting cards which represent their epic values. Ongoing and accelerating ideas, natural, casual or informal designs and funny, comic and amusing content. So customers hire those designers who fulfill the requirements of market.  

Why Greeting Cards are much Expensive?

Price of the Greeting Cards is high. Because the material used to make the cards are exceptional and of good quality. High-grade paper is used to ensure difference between greeting cards and the normal computer printed paper. Big companies hire designers to create new and unique designs. Content writers to create new and enduring stuff to customize greeting cards. Thus all of these expenses increase the wages of the company quickly.

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