A Complete Guide to ChiroTouch Software

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ChiroTouch Software
ChiroTouch is an electronic health record (EHR) practise management solution developed for chiropractors. Users can securely store patient profiles, schedule appointments, create SOAP notes, and process payments and claims. ChiroTouch software makes it easy for users to stay HIPAA compliant, monitor staff efficiency, and improve marketing efforts.

ChiroTouch’s EHR software allows physicians to manage patient profiles and communications digitally while staying up to date on the latest compliance regulations. Patients can complete all essential forms from home via the ChiroTouch patient portal, which speeds up the check-in process. Patients can be contacted to remind them of upcoming appointments, and targeted marketing messages can be sent via email or SMS to reengage customers and increase conversions.

ChiroTouch software gives users the ability to track claims, make electronic payments, and check insurance eligibility. ChiroTouch helps practitioners streamline the billing process by automatically saving clients’ payment information and enabling patients to pay bills in person, online, via contactless devices, or over the phone.

ChiroTouch provides users with a HIPAA-compliant data backup and recovery solution. All data are automatically backed up to remote storage for catastrophe recovery. Users can also set access limitations for each authorized user based on their position.

ChiroTouch provides native mobile applications for processing payments, managing patient information, scheduling appointments, filling out paperwork, and simplifying check-in and check-out.

Chirotouch Software Features

Chirotouch Software offers the following features:


One of ChiroTouch’s greatest assets is documentation, which has helped numerous offices stay in compliance with Medicare regulations. ChiroTouch’s ability to give customizable macros to speed up the documentation process is the key to its documentation capabilities. When using an iPad, macros are widely used buttons that convert straight to text and allow you to write SOAP notes totally by touch. Many pre-loaded macros are included in the system; however, some users have found that creating their own macros for their specific purposes is more beneficial. It takes some effort to create custom macros, but it is a worthwhile investment.

The SALT (Same as Last Time) function, which preloads notes from previous visits, is another time-saving tool. This means that all you have to do now is update changes from the prior appointment, which speeds up paperwork and enables the doctor to see more patients.

The paperwork may be as detailed as you want it to be, and it can be printed off, which is useful when writing personal injury story reports.

Front Desk

ChiroTouch software offers a number of features that can assist the front desk operate more efficiently, allowing the practice to serve more patients.

Patients can self-check-in for their appointments by scanning a barcode, entering a PIN, or using a fingerprint scanner when they arrive. This speeds up the patient check-in process and saves time for the front desk staff.

Chirotouch includes a variety of outcome evaluation questionnaires that patients may complete either online through the patient portal or on an iPad when they arrive. This information will be uploaded into the patient’s profile automatically.

After the patient has completed their treatment, the doctor may email all important information to the front desk, including a description of the therapies they received and when the patient’s next appointment should be set.

The software allows patients to get automated appointment reminders, which helps reduce cancellations and no-shows.


chirotouch billing software allows users to submit EDI Claim Batches to their preferred clearinghouse, as well as do automated claim scrubbing. This catches errors before they’re sent out, increasing your chances of getting paid. When a mistake is detected, it is associated with an error code that provides detailed information about the issue and instructions on how to correct it.

Once you’ve submitted your claims, the software simpler to track their progress and identify those that need to be followed upon.


ChiroTouch includes a number of standardized reports to assist you in analyzing the performance of your practice. We strongly advise you to take advantage of these reports, since data analysis is one of the most effective strategies to boost income. For example, you may track how much money your company makes month to month, look into new patient referral sources, and learn more about patient demographics. You may use the Report Manager to schedule reports to run automatically and manage their variables all in one place.

Chirotouch Software Reviews

According to Chirotouch Software Reviews, the EHR offers the following pros and cons:


  • With over 18,000 users across 1,000+ clinics, this is the most popular software system built exclusively for chiropractors.
  • One of the most complete packages available on the market.
  • EHR is completely accredited and has assisted hundreds of practices in achieving Meaningful Use certification.
  • SALT (Same as Last Time) functionality and configurable macros provides exceptional documentation options.


  • There is no cloud-based solution available. SmartCloud, a popular cloud-based EHR owned by ChiroTouch, was discontinued in September 2018.
  • Not recommended for individuals searching for a low-cost, lightweight solution.

Chirotouch Software Cost

ChiroTouch starts at $259 a month. On a scale of one to ten, ChiroTouch has a rating of 2, which is significantly cheaper than the average price of chiropractic software. ChiroSpring is a chiropractic software that starts at $99 per month. When compared to its competitors, ChiroSpring is ranked 2 – much less than the typical Chiropractic software cost. You can ask for Chirotouch software demo to get a complete understanding of the software.

Bottom Line

ChiroTouch is a leading chiropractic EHR with all of the features you’ll need to run your business from start to finish. It’s the most popular software created exclusively for chiropractors, with over 18,000 DCs using it. However, due to its high cost and added complexity, the software is only useful for practices that can take use of all of its features and adjust it to their own needs. If you won’t require all of ChiroTouch’s features, a more lightweight solution with a lower price point could be a better option. Furthermore, if you’re searching for a cloud-based chiropractic EHR, you’ll need to look at other alternatives.

ChiroTouch is a must-consider if you don’t mind hosting the software on your own servers and are searching for a premium software solution that will help you operate your clinic from beginning to end.

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