A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Heatproof Sheet in India

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The Indian roofing industry has seen some steady changes over the past few years. There are primarily two reasons for these drastic changes. The first reason is the tremendous increase in industrialization while the second reason is the dissatisfied customers who can’t bear with the conventional roofing techniques. Thus, the roofing industry is witnessing a dramatic increase in demands for Heatproof Sheet. These demands are rising in the domestic, industrial, and commercial sectors. In this article, we are going to discuss the various types of Heatproof Sheets that are popular in India

Importance of Heatproof Sheet

Normal roofing solutions simply cover up your roofs and serve no other purpose. However, Heatproof Sheet helps to maintain the heat balance inside your house. They ensure that there is no excess heat loss or gain due to inferior roof insulation. Thus, you get ambient temperatures in your house throughout the year. Additionally, they help to increase the durability of your roof. So, we highly recommend you use Heatproof Sheet for your roofs.

There are various types of sheets depending on the roof or building. Now we are going to discuss the different types of roof sheets, their application, and the cost of installation.

Types of Heatproof Sheet and their installation cost

Corrugated roofing sheets

Farming and agricultural buildings mostly use corrugated roofing sheets. Companies make these sheets by folding different layers of metals simultaneously. They are very strong due to their unique design. Additionally, the wavy pattern makes then strong even in the small parts at the corners. These sheets are very durable and can serve for several years without any maintenance. These sheets help to trap a lot of heat and can maintain the perfect temperature for preserving the crops inside.

Aluminum is the best material for making corrugated heat resistant Sheets. These sheets can serve for almost 30 years and cost around Rs. 250/square meter to Rs. 500/square meter.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets

These sheets have high heat insulation capacity and are very strong. Thus, they are very popular in industries and factories with a harsh atmosphere. Additionally, these sheets are easy to install, and insulting to the very core. Polycarbonate sheets are basically of two types: foam-backed polycarbonate and clear polycarbonate. In India, these sheets cost around Rs. 500/square meter to Rs. 1000/square meter. These sheets are both UV and fire-resistant. Thus, they are the perfect choice for use in the industrial sector. However, the user must remember that these sheets are prone to scratches. So, they must be very careful at the time of installation.

Metal roofing sheets

These sheets are made from an alloy of zinc, aluminum, tin, and copper. Some prominent features of these sheets are that they are power efficient, strong, and adds an aesthetic value to the entire building. These sheets are highly customizable as they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. In comparison to the corrugated sheets, they are less curvy. You can find these sheets in gardens, roof, garage, backyard, etc. These are the most affordable sheets in India as they cost around Rs. 250/square meter to Rs. 300/square meter. They can withstand harsh natural disasters such as steady rain, thunderstorm, etc.

Plastic roofing sheets

These are the most uncommon type of Heatproof Sheet in India. They are not durable and can only be used as temporary shelter for gardens and garages. If you wish to increase the durability of these sheets, you have to use better quality plastic. Thus, it will increase the overall cost of roofing. Depending on the quality of plastic, they cost around Rs. 500/square meter to Rs. 1000 square/meter in India.

Prominent Heatproof Sheet manufacturers in India

Now that we have discussed the various types of Heatproof Sheet, their applications, and the cost in India, it is time to find the best possible way to buy them in India.

Neo Thermal Insulation services

Neo thermal is one of the most common household names in India. They are famous for their 7-layer insulation heat service that is used across all industry grade buildings. Additionally, they have excellent services, both before and after the sale of the product. This company also provides online services to ensure that all the customers can access their amazing range of products. Presently, they have one of the largest consumer bases in India.

Omkar Puf Insulation PVT. Ltd.

Omkar Puf Insulation has incomparable services in the insulation market when it comes to product quality. They customize all of their products depending on customer requests. Additionally, they use high-end technologies to ensure that their products have a prolonged lifespan and higher quality. Their customer support is available to assist you with all quarries. They have both online and offline sales services.

Conclusive opinions on how to buy Heatproof Sheet in India

In the present modern era, the heat resistant sheet holds a bright future in the roofing industry. With the passing years, materials with better quality and insulation abilities will be used. There will also be advancements in clip-on systems, fasteners, trimmings and hardware fixings to ensure that the roofing solutions also have a better look. The major advantage of these roofing solutions is its competitive pricing. The installation process also needs some rework as it is still not perfect.

Now, all that we have to do is wait until technology provides us with the perfect roofing solution that we all have been dreaming about for years. We can surely say that Heatproof Sheet will continue to dominate the roofing market with its promising features and cost-effectiveness.

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