A step towards growing state- PWD minister

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The development of Punjab! As we know that today Punjab is in its developing stage people from different religions live here with peace and harmony. We know that among the list of developing states now Punjab is also leading. Thus, we can say that there are leading prospects in the development stage. As we all know the development of a country is in the hands of citizens and leaders. The contribution of both makes a state well developed. So, it is necessary to choose the best from our side. The role of the PWD minister is quite a responsible job because of the high graphic scale of the state.

Who is the PWD minister of Punjab?

Well, the answer to this question is For sure known by everyone. Everyone knows that Vijay inder singla is the PWD minister of Punjab. His role of him in the contribution of Punjab is something which we can’t express in our words. The high graphic scale and the welfare schemes are what the people of Punjab are growing. Due to his supervision, there is a big difference in the terms of sanitation, education, transportation and other sectors. Today, the regular welfare camps and the smooth construction of roads are evidence of progression and development.

The big difference in development-

Citizens of Punjab are enjoying the big difference in Punjab.

Such as in the schools of private and public. Prior to that, there was a big difference between public and private schools but now both the sectors can enjoy the same qualities and skills there is no difference between the benefits and advantages.

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Hospitals for the health welfare- the PWD minister Punjab has constructed the hospital for health and safety. The great contribution we can see from the “cancer hospital” is for all the people. The regular checkup camps and daily health care facilities are what people are really enjoying.

The best steps towards the future

A sustainable future is one that everyone expects. Under The supervision of minister Vijay Inder Singla Punjab has taken a step towards the future. From the literacy rate from healthcare to transportation, everything in Punjab is going to a leading scale, and this is true. The post of PWD minister is ensured in good hands, which means public welfare is now a big mission of grooming Punjab. And including this, the many newly launched projects such as the construction of cancer hospitals and public schools are the willpower.

The main prospect of Vijay inder singla-

As we know making Punjab as a developed country and taking it to the heights of happiness is the main prospect of Vijay inder singla. From the day he is on this post he is taking all the things in his own supervision and even playing a great role in advancement. His work is not only appreciated by the big fame people and media but also is appreciated by every citizen of the country. All these points are showing us that how much everyone appreciates his work

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