5 Advertising Trends To Watch In 2022

Advertising Trends
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That the pandemic rocks the advertisement industry is no bolt from the blue. There is no industry that really got itself untouched by the lockdown stagnation. The world came to a veritable full stop.

But there is a silver lining after every cloud. According to trends, advertising spending is expected to return to normalcy (pre-pandemic levels), which is close to $254 billion by the end of 2022.

If you run some business, pre-plan your advertising campaign. Download software on digital advertising from thenewpiratebay to arm yourself as the business is recovering from an ailment. In this article, we will discuss 5 trends in advertising that will rule 2022.

Stats Before Trends

Someone rightly said morning shows the day. The advertising industry is slowly heading toward rejuvenation and is understood through certain facts and data.

  • Social Media advertisement is expected to upscale to a percentile value of 11.75% by the end of 2026.
  • The average cost of advertisement operations that use Google Ads as a part of an online advertising strategy is between $9000 to$ 10000 per month.
  • 7.% of the business completely bypass sponsored search results.
  • 84% expect a brand to create content

So it emerges from the reading that there is high scope for developing a brand and leveraging advertisement.

However, small businesses are completely not exploiting some of the core areas of advertisement.

At least the pandemic has opened an opportunity for grave introspection on strengthening the advertisement ecosystem.

2022 Advertisement Trends

Let’s see some of the advertisement Trends that set the tone for business in 2022 and further. But, first, let’s have a microscopic look at the core advertisement.

1. Trust Issue

The Americans seem to have lost faith in the different advertising media, which is reflected in their buying trends.

It is also found from a study that the propensity to buy has considerably dropped down.

Around 39% of the consumers switched to the new companies, thus creating an open ground, open opportunity for all to dig.

If you are providing direct benefits to the customers, your perception and acceptance will increase. At least it will be perceived by 47% of brands.

Though contrasting if juxtapositioned, it is found that the consumers are looking for track records on issues like societal impact (32%)and labor practices (21%).

2. Adverts Losing On The Sound

The majority of the respondents are of the view that they hate video ads with sound. Around 66% of the respondents showed their annoyance with the issue.

Findings inferred that outstream definitely has a higher CTR and better engagement rates compared to that in-streaming video advertisement.

Let us provide a more direct example. According to an observation, around 85% of Facebook users prefer to watch videos with sounds off as they find it irritating to a certain extent.

A similar observation goes with LinkedIn, where 79% of videos are watched in the off mode.

Therefore it’s quite clear that sound videos are really bad. So don’t put them in your advertisement.

3. Monetizing The Gaming Platforms 

The market for mobile gaming apps has risen significantly. Mobile gaming apps have increased to a healthy 45% in the year 2022 quarters compared to that 35% in the year 2019.

Therefore it is quite natural that the advertisers are finding a new hunting ground with better opportunities.

Viewers are paying more attention to in-game displays than ads displayed on internet platforms.

4. It’s Time For AI To Take Charge 

The insertion of Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more important with time. Artificial almonds with Machine learning bring change in the Ad-world.

The AI industry takes the greatest high jump from $9.5billion in the year 2018 to a massive $250 billion by the end of 2027.

Therefore you could see how AI creates new ground for you to strengthen your advertising campaigns. So don’t forget AI.

5. Reaching The Terms Of The Audience 

All the brands are consciously making an effort to meet the customer journey. To do so, they are taking steps like prioritizing quality content.

A massive 65% of the companies are looking for consumer preference to make decisions.


It is, therefore, underwood that, whatever might be the business environment, meaning pandemic on inflation, that customer is the king, is the conclusion.

Plus, the study observed that the companies will take these trends to design their marketing campaigns in 2022 and further.

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