Air Fryer vs. Microwave Oven: Which appliance is better for your kitchen?

Air Fryer vs. Microwave Oven: Which appliance is better for your kitchen?
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Commercial kitchen equipment has simplified cooking procedures. Most foods, whether light or substantial, may be prepared in only a few seconds using air fryers or microwave ovens.

High-temperature heat is transferred from the interior to the exterior of moist food using electromagnetic waves in microwave ovens.

When it comes to cooking, air fryers provide a superior alternative to classic deep fryers.

As their operations and advantages are explained, this article will help you grasp the differences and relative importance of various appliances and their functions.

Difference between Microwave Oven and Air fryer

We may better comprehend the differences between an air fryer and a microwave oven by considering the following points:

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Temperature Role

  • Each piece of the meal is sufficiently heated as hot air swiftly moves from the center to its sides. Food will virtually never be undercooked if the heat source is used appropriately.
  • Hot air circulation is a key aspect to compare when evaluating the advantages of cooking gadgets.
  • Temperature-adjustable standard and convection ovens deliver heat evenly. The user has an easier time preparing food.
  • In some cases, convection ovens may not be able to properly prepare delicate meals that require a long cooking time.
  • Desserts and flavorsome meals are best cooked in air fryers because of the long cooking procedure. Oil use is also reduced.

Heating Method

  • Air fryers feature a built-in heating coil that warms up and allows the fan to blast the heat out of the appliance. This method helps to maintain a constant temperature throughout the cooking process, resulting in an evenly cooked product.
  • Microwave ovens emit microwaves that cause water molecules in the food to vibrate. This molecular vibration produces the heat necessary to cook food.
  • As far as cooking is concerned, these appliances employ distinct heating processes, and their procedures provide different results.
  • With an air fryer, however, the cooking period is greater, resulting in crispier and more flavorful food. However, compared to microwave ovens, the cooking time is much longer.
  • Cooking food in a microwave oven is rapid and efficient, saving the user energy and time. Cooking and frying foods quickly can, however, cause food flavors to be lost or misrepresented.

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Health Considerations and Hygiene

  • Instead of using a standard oven, convection ovens enable you to adjust the temperature, which permits you to cook in various styles using the same equipment.
  • Achieving an equal heat distribution is a key feature of both appliances. A fan blows hot air in all directions to circulate the air.
  • Air fryers, on the other hand, are a healthy alternative because they do not require the addition of any extra oil. It cooks food at high temperatures in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare it.
  • Contrasting deep fryers and frying pans, convection microwaves use less oil, making them more convenient to use. By using the fluids and moisture already present in the food item, it ensures that the meal is cooked with less oil.
  • Cooking in an air fryer preserves nutrients and moisture in the food item.

Energy Efficiency

  • A model’s wattage power affects energy usage. In contrast, the highest power usage occurs during high-power cooking, when the consumption reaches 1200-1500 watts.
  • When using an air fryer, it might take some time for the temperature to reach the desired level. A shorter time period is required to achieve high cooking temperatures.
  • Microwave ovens, on the other hand, require up to 1200 watts for 30 minutes a day. When in standby mode, it uses an additional 2-7 watts of electricity.

Technology Used

  • Food is cooked in air fryers using radiated heat technology. There is no longer any danger from damaging electromagnetic radiation.
  • Microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation to heat food products using microwave waves.

Is Air Frying Healthy?

A hot air circulation technique is used in air fryers to cook food to a crunchy and crispy exterior. Because of the fact that it utilizes relatively little oil, it is considered a healthful method of cooking.

But it has the same texture and flavor as deep-frying. As a result, the overall fat content of the food is reduced, and the risk of heart disease and inflammation is decreased.

Air fryer meal consumption also reduces calorie intake and aids in weight reduction.

While deep frying food products, hazardous chemicals are produced and ingested.

As healthy as it may be, air frying may nonetheless have numerous detrimental health impacts.

Consistently eating fried foods can lead to heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer.

When should you use an Air Fryer instead of a microwave?

Microwave ovens, on the other hand, are larger and have a higher cooking capacity than air fryers. Liquids may be heated effectively and securely with this device.

Even though the two appliances have certain functions and approaches in common, that doesn’t mean they can be swapped out.

Cooking activities may be completed in the most efficient manner with either device. Both appliances offer their own unique set of perks. By decreasing the amount of oil used, air fryers can reduce calorie intake by as much as 80 percent.

However, reheating or cooking food takes a long time.

Food products that need frying may not be suitable for microwave ovens.

In spite of its ability to warm oil, it will not allow oil to reach the boiling point, which is crucial for frying meals. Cooking your food in oil at a very low temperature can only result in sautéing.

Are air fryers good for reheating foods?

Many appliances fail to properly reheat leftover food items, resulting in mushy meals. Some appliances do not adequately reheat meals, and the food does not keep its crispness.

Reheating your food in an air fryer is a fantastic way to make it crisp and fresh again.

Food that has been reheated for only a few minutes will retain its original texture and sharpness. It may be used to reheat pizza, veggies, french fries, and fried meat, among other things.


We have attempted to cover all the important elements in this post. Before making a selection, consider the information on the varied roles and benefits of air fryers and microwaves. It’s impossible to replace either appliance’s unique collection of features.

In this part, there is no obvious victor. Everything depends on your needs.

Air fryers offer a healthier cooking approach. However, they require more time to cook dishes than conventional frying methods. For gently cooked, flavorful dishes, microwave ovens may be a better alternative than conventional ovens. Meals cooked in air fryers are more flavorful and have crisper edges and exteriors than those cooked in conventional ovens.

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