Alex Lasarenko Cause of Death: Will Truth Ever Come Out?

Alex Lasarenko Death Cause: Will Truth Ever Come Out?
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Alex Lasarenko, a great pianist and talented music composer, was born on 13 July, 1963 and passed away on 9 November, 2020. Alex Lasarenko’s death cause is a mystery. Alex shot to fame after Dinner Rush (2000) and continued to rule the music world with Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001). He mentored many of his admirers including Fritz Doddy. They worked together in Elias Arts. With Alex’s untimely death, the music world has lost a gem.

According to his friends, family members, acquaintances and other contemporary musicians, Alex was a God-gifted musician and composer. He was committed to continuous innovation and making quality music, which earned him the status of the “Gold Standard”.

Alex Lasarenko’s Early Life

Alex Lasarenko or Alexander Lasarenko was born and brought up in Columbus, Ohio, USA. He was an American of Ukraine descent. Since his childhood, Alex has been fond of music. He was a child prodigy who started playing piano at the age of three.

Alex had a sister and her name is Lisa Lasarenko. However, no information is available about his parents. Alex graduated from Ohio State University. He was a Christian by birth and his sun sign was cancer. Alex was a very private person and did not share much about himself or his family.

Alex was married to Ekaterina Davydova. He was survived by 2 children.

Alex Lasarenko’s Music Career

Alex composed an album titled Noir in 1998. Alex Lasarenko has many hit songs such as A Last Book, But Not For Me, The First Evening, The Rome and At the Window. Soon after the release of his album, he became popular among the music lovers and music critics alike. Afterward, he joined Elias Music, formerly known as Elias Arts, as a creative director.

Alex composed many movie songs, theme songs and commercial music. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) was his favourite work.Alex composed the four-note mnemonic that ended all interstitial and bumpers on the network since 2002.

Alex launched Tonal Sound, his own music company in 2002. The talented man worked hard to accomplish success in his career. Total Sound composed soundtracks for movies and documentaries, including the Apple Pushers. He worked on several popular and praise-worthy projects, including movie themes and TV series songs.

Alex Larsarenko’s Business Dealings

Alex Lasarenko’s career was anything but smooth. He had enough ups and downs throughout his career, from his sunrise days as a criminal mastermind to his swelling popularity in the music world to his tragic downfall. Despite the fact that he was a successful businessman, the man has a dark past.

Lasarenko stepped into the criminal world through cigarette smuggling into Russia. Soon he became a skilled smuggler and eventually got involved into other criminal activities. He quickly made a name for himself as one of the most sought-after criminals in Russia.

However, he ran out of his luck in 2003 after his arrest by Russian authorities. Lasarenko was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment. But he was released on parole after serving a little over 7 years in jail.

Following his release from prison, Alex Lasarenko tried his best to get his shoddy business back on track. But expectedly, he ended up getting involved in another scandal. This time, he was charged with embezzlement of millions of dollars from his business partner. Though he was acquitted of the charges, the incident blotted his copybook.

In recent years, Lasarenko had a difficult time. Due to his failing business, he was striving hard to maintain his luxury lifestyle. His financial doomsday may have contributed to his depression and addiction to drugs, which, according to some, brought down the curtain on his life.

Alex Lasarenko’s Songs:

Levi’s: The Chase –1996
But Not For Me (1998)
Obsession (1998)
A Last Look Back (1998)
Pont Alexandre III (1998)
At The Window (1998)
Rome (1998)
The First Evening (1998)
The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52–2021
The Business of Strangers–2001
Pont Alexandre IV (2006)
Last Look Back II (2006)
Ain’t (2006)
Unhinged (2006)
Paris (2006)
The Pillow Book (2006)
The First Evening II (2006)
The Healing (2006)
New York (2006)
Ten9Eight: Shoot for the Moon–2009
TheAspern Papers–2010
The Best Man for the Job–2011
Underwater Dreams–2014
The Killing Season–2016
Truth Is Stranger Than Florida–2016
Mathia Vargas and Gonzalo Trigueros in Consensual–2016
I am Jane Doe–2017
The Last Light –2017

Alex Lasarenko Disney Channel

“The Disney Channel’s Theme: A Historical Mystery,” is a documentary released in 2022. Alex Lasarenko composed the four-note mnemonic that went popular and earned him huge respect in the music industry. This unique and excellent composition became a hallmark of the channels and won viewers’ hearts. Many 90s kids grew up listening to this song and will always relate their childhood memories to this popular Disney Shows.

Alex Lasarenko Cause of Death?

Alex was found dead in a hotel room on November 8, 2020 in Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA. Police suspected it a case of suicide though the details were not made public. However, the exact cause of his death is still not known. According to most people, Alex had a lot of enemies due to his shoddy past and they might be willing to kill the talented composer and musician.

Unfortunately, some people are spreading rumours that the late composer was on narcotics and killed himself with overdose though his family did not issue any public statement. It is likely that his untimely death had something to do with his health issues but all these are speculations. People are eager to know the cause of their favourite composer’s unfortunate death.

Some sources spoke about his shoddy business deals which might have earned him many enemies. Interestingly, a few people believe Alex faked his death to start afresh elsewhere. However, they offered no explanation or reasons in support of their claim.

It is unlikely that the real cause of his death will ever be known. But his death remains one of the most tragic and mysterious cases in recent past.

The police did not find any signs of forced entry into Alex’s apartment. They did not find any proof of robbery either.

His passport and other important documents were not missing. The police had no reason to suspect that he had plans to leave the country.

A note was found near his body but the police were unwilling to make the contents of the note public.

Police sent his body for autopsy but the results were kept secret.

Alex, a popular musician, entertainer and personality, had a large fan base for his unique and humour-frilled content. The rumoured issues with CHILDREN BODOM, a local organization, are believed to have led to his discomfort.

Alex Lasarenko’s death shocked everyone. People came up with different opinions about his death. Some believed that he had died of Corona Virus because during that time, millions of people throughout the world succumbed to COVID-19 infection.

Some people believed the late musician’s death was caused by degeneration of the connective tissues in the pancreas and liver. Some claim that his health issues were induced and acerbated by his alcohol addiction. Autopsy revealed that he had consumed a cocktail of opioids, insomnia medications and painkillers. He also suffered from additional illnesses. All these might have contributed to his death, according to some.

Obituary and Burial Ground

Nowhere can you find Alex Lasarenko’s obituary. Many people think that his family is not interested in any kind of publicity. It has added fuel to his mysterious death. There is a website with a separate wall for Alex’s obituary and the late musician’s friends and family can pay tribute to him. In addition, his family, friends and close acquaintances arranged a burial ceremony for their dear Alex Lasarenko with a prayer “May his soul rest in peace”.

Many of his well-wishers attended the ceremony and conveyed their heart-felt condolences to Alex’s family. Alex was not only a great composer but also a good human being. With the passage of time, his name may fade into oblivion but his compositions will always remain a part of pop culture.

Final Thoughts

Alex Lasarenko was a good musician and composer. Above all, he was a good human being. However, there is no denying that he had aignominious past. He had a large fan following. Everyone was shocked at his sudden, untimely death. The cause of his death is still shrouded in mystery. Some people say Alex Lasarenko died of medication overdose Though Lasarenko’s life as a musician was short-lived, his legacy will survive through his memorable music, especially his iconic composition that played before every Disney Channel show.


What was the net worth of musician Alex Lasarenko?

Alex Lasarenko’s net worth before his death in 2020 was 2 million dollars. As a composer and musician, he achieved great success. He also owned Tonal Sound, a popular and huge music company.

Was Alex Lasarenko the owner of Elias Music?

No, Alex Lasarenko was not the owner of Elias Music. He worked there as a creative director.

Why is Alex Lasarenkotrending on Reddit?

Six months ago, someone shared a documentary about Disney theme music on Reddit. Since then, Lasarenko became a touted name on the platform. He was an accomplished musician in life and people still mourn his tragic demise.

Will The Truth Ever Come Out?

Though Alex Lasarenko’s death was ruled a suicide in primary investigation, a series of unexplained events made people to believe that it was a case of murder.

Alex’s family hired a private detective to investigate into the death. It shows that they were almost sure that Alex had not committed suicide. Further investigations revealed Alex’s feud with a powerful Russian oligarch having close ties to the Kremlin. Alex was allegedly working for the FBI and had plans to make public some shocking secrets about the person.

What caused Alex’s death?To be frank, who murdered Alex? If Alex was murdered, as suspected by his family, friends and a large number of people, all the evidences gathered so far point toward a very powerful political circle. In such cases, truth is always passed under the carpet. The Russian government is notoriously known for covering up political murders and there are some serious doubts that truth will ever come out and the murderers will ever be punished. Alex’s death exemplifies the fact that what fate could befall someone if he/she is ever at loggerheads with powerful people.

An Abandoned Car: What Does It Tell?

We are now going to tell about a young Alex. It was June 9, 2020, police found a body in the driver’s seat. Primary investigation revealed his name: Alex Lasarenko. He was only 21-year old. Police found Alex’s car parked on the side of abandoned road in rural Pennsylvania.

A month-long investigation done to dig out the death of Alex Lasarenko revealed a series of shocking events that ultimately cascaded down to his untimely demise.

Some witnesses told police that Alex had been having drinks with his friends at a bar in State College, Pennsylvania on the previous night of his death. At some point during the evening, Alex got embroiled into an argument with a person and was asked to leave the bar.

Alex left the premise and got into his car. But he did not get back to his home; rather drove to a deserted spot near Bald Eagle State Park and parked his car on the side of the deserted road.

At some point during the night, he woke up and got back to his car. He was seated behind the wheels and put the key in the ignition. However, before Alex could start his car, he was engulfed by carbon monoxide and ultimately lost consciousness.

According to police, Alex died of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, investigations revealed that his death could have been averted if he had not got out of his car.

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