All about Lip Crayons – Why we love them!

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Are you the one who wants to know all the details of lip crayons ? Then, you have landed your hands on the right article. Your eyes always search for recent changing trends. To throw more light lipsticks are old fashioned, and Lip crayons are most trending nowadays.

What are Lip Crayons?

Lip Crayons are lipsticks that come in crayon form. Just like color crayons that we use for drawing purposes. As color crayons convert blank canvas into a beautiful and colorful drawing. Similarly, lip crayons convert your lips into the most attractive feature on your face which will catch all the attention.

Lip Crayons are Lips Stick with added benefits. They don’t only enhance dazzling doze of colors on your lips. But also, nourishes your lips with rich nutrients and simultaneously moisturizes them. Also, the use of lip is equivalent to that of lip balm. So to conclude lip crayons can be used in place of lipsticks and lip balm as well.

Lip crayons give various looks from simple to bold, from regular to bridal. The choice of colors is what will make a difference. Lip crayons of various brands come in versatile colors. You can pick any as per your choice.

How Lip crayons are different from lipsticks?

  1. Lips crayons are more soft and smooth to apply and glide easily.
  2. Also, it provides more hydration compared to that of lipsticks.
  3. No doubt it is more cost-effective than that of lipsticks.
  4. To highlight, it nourish your lips in a more proper way, which lipsticks cannot. It has nutrients that are rich in minerals. The way it works is the same as a lip balm.
  5. Again, lip crayons work more effectively on lips than that of lipsticks.
  6. Due to the use of lip crayons lips do not get dry. They are hydrated and well moisturized.
  7. The use if lip crayons are faster than that of lipsticks which saves time.
  8. Lastly, lip crayons are also helpful in anti-aging.

Step-by-Step application of lip crayons

Lip crayon has an easy application with simple steps as follows:

  1. Step 1: Outline your lips properly with the pointed tip of lip crayons. There is no need for lip liner here.
  2. Step 2: Use the angled edge of the lip crayon on your lip portion.

Features of lip crayons

  1. Lip crayons pop into a different range of attractive colors.
  2. Also, lip crayons care for your lips by nourishing it with rich nutrients.
  3. Increases the color pay off
  4. There is no doubt the lip crayons give multiple looks from simple to bold.
  5. It smoothens your lips and makes it extra soft.
  6. Lip crayons moisturize the lips, provide hydration, and are non-drying.
  7. Very decently pigmented lip crayons are. Your lip will pop out with a beautiful crayon of lip color.
  8. Lip crayons have creamy matt finished look and soft texture.
  9. Also, Lip crayons are enriched with nutrients and minerals like jojoba oil and olive oil which nourishes your lips.
  10. Lastly, lip crayons give a seamless color for hours.

Pros of lip crayons

  1. Super long wear and long-lasting
  2. Travel Friendly
  3. Comes in good packaging
  4. Hight pigmented
  5. Extra soft and smooth
  6. Velvety matt finish
  7. Easy-application
  8. Safe to use
  9. Paraben-free
  10. Nourishes your lips and provides hydration

Cons of lip crayons

The only con of lip crayons is that after constant use the tip of crayons gets blunt and it cannot be sharpened. In case, you want to outline your lips gets a bit difficult at times.

Different leading  brands of lip crayons

  1. Sugar cosmetics Lip Crayon ( This is a best lip crayons in India )
  2. Chambor Extreme Matte Long-Wear lip crayon
  3. Faces Canada Ultimate Pro Matt Lip Crayon
  4. Miss Claire Chubby Lip crayon
  5. Maybelline New York Color Show Intense Lip Crayon
  6. Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon
  7. Nykaa Lip crayon
  8. Swiss Beauty Lip stain Matte Long Lasting Lip crayon
  9. Elle 18 Color Matt Lip Crayon
  10. Nivea lip crayon

Range of colors in lip crayons

Lip crayon of different brands comes in a different range of color. In shades of red, pink, orange, brown, peach, maroon, and many more. Prefer the color according to your color taste.

Benefits of lip crayons

  1. Fuss-free, quick and easy application
  2. Acts as a BB cream for your lips
  3. Also acts as a lip gloss and lip balm sometimes. Have multi-uses.
  4. They are goof-proof. You can even sit in a car and apply a lip crayon properly.
  5. No sharpners. It does not require sharper lip liner. But also acts as a lip liner.

Purpose of a lip crayon

A lip crayon has multi-purpose. It is also a lip liner, lipstick, and lip balm, all-in-one. It gives matt, creamy and velvety texture on lips. It is extra soft and smooth.

Precautions to be taken while using a lip crayon

  1. Keep the product away from direct sunlight to avoid the chemical reaction
  2. Close the crayon properly with a cap to avoid damage.
  3. Keep the lip crayon away from the reach of small children
  4. Do not use lip crayons used by others to avoid the transfer of bacteria.
  5. Stay away from duplicate and copies of lip crayons.
  6. Have a check on the expiry date of lip crayons.

Expiration of lip crayons

  • Lip crayons have a good shelf life. Approximately
  • Lip crayons can be used for up to two years.

Final Thoughts

To sum up this was all about lip crayons. We hope the provided information was so useful that you will put your hands on lip crayons at least once and in no time. Lip crayons are must tired products for your lips. If you have not used lip crayons till now hurry up to live in recent trends with extra benefits. Surely, once you try using lip crayons, it will replace all your lip products. What was your experience with lip crayons ? Let us know in the comment.

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