All About Panel Doors & Flush Doors

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Doors  are an important part of every household. Not only do they provide security to our homes and the rooms inside, but also offer us peace and solitude, from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Doors also share an emotional bond with us. They usher positive vibes into our homes and act as rite of passage through different phases of our life. Therefore, it is essential to choose a door that will add value to your home and life.

Panel Doors and Flush Doors have maintained their popularity in spite of the wide range of options available in the market today. To the untrained eye, both the doors might look quite similar at first sight, but there are many features, like the structure, design, price etc. that differentiate one from the other. Let us explore the differences that set them apart to help you make an informed purchase.

Principle difference

Flush doors – Flush doors are simple and minimalistic in design, without any compromise on quality; they have a flat surface without any raised portion or detailing. These doors can have a solid or hollow core, depending on what you choose. These doors are lightweight and therefore can be installed without any trouble.

Unlike unbranded flush doors that come with limited designs and compromised quality, Century Ply offers a beautiful range of elegant flush doors of superior quality that provide the looks and security your home deserves.

Panelled Doors on the other hand, come with patterns and panels placed between the rails and built into a frame.. A Panel Door comprises of a frame that is generally made of plywood, while the panels can be made of decorative plywood, blockboard etc. At Century Ply, we offer you a variety of Panelled Door deigns to help you choose the perfect door for your home.  

Today, both Flush Doors and Panelled Doors are extremely popular with customers round the world. However, a panel door seems to be more attractive depending upon the quality of raw materials and additives used in manufacturing it. 

On the criteria of their advantages

Flush doors are lightweight and hence are easy to install and maintain. They are cost-effective. Flush Doors are made of soundproof material giving you some much deserved privacy. These doors do not peel or split, making it a viable investment in the long run. Panel doors on the other hand, are hard structures which make them perfect to be used as exterior doors. They can be custom made in any size, and provide top security and charm to the house. These doors can easily hold onto screws, locks and fixtures since they retain better strength. 

Based on sturdiness

Flush doors have a life expectancy of around 10 to 25 years. 

Panel doors tend to be sturdier and if maintained properly, these doors can last beyond 25 years.

Based on potency 

Flush doors are less potent when compared to Panelled Doors, as they are mostly prepared with artificial or mixed wood materials

 Panel doors on the other hand, are made of highly potent material. 

Moisture and Stain resistant

Flush doors are less defiant to moisture, but stain resistance is quite high. 

Panel doors are extremely resistant to moisture but less defiant towards stains. These doors easily accumulate dust and therefore require proper maintenance.

In conclusion

Both the Doors have their own benefits. While Flush Doors are low maintenance and economical that help you save on funds, Panel Doors are stylish and give your house the modern look it deserves. So go ahead.  Make your choice, and gift your home the perfect door.

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