All the Non-Conformist & Self-Made Amish Live In Ohio

All the Non-Conformist & Self-Made Amish Live In Ohio
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Amish Community

If you’re someone who feels like spending time with an interesting but slightly off-beat community – just to absorb the culture and enjoy their individuality – you should consider spending time with the Amish community.

These communities live where they get the opportunity to farm and livestock. Do you know that the Amish community is currently expanding at a significantly fast pace? Mostly because of the large family system.

What is so unique about the Amish community? This is a common question that is raised when you first hear about them. If you’re naturally curious as a person, you must enjoy traveling and engaging with different cultures. And if that’s really the case with you, you should consider going to Ohio and spending time with the said community.

You will mostly find the Amish living in lands that are far away from the urban setup. The community first settled in Ohio but can now be found in 30 states in the United States as well as in some parts of Canada. When it comes down to the population, the Amish population can mostly be found in Ohio and it is closely followed by Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Do you know that the Amish people like to lead a simple life and refrain from using technology and electricity? It sounds strange and unbelievable in today’s day and age because it’s hard to imagine that in Ohio (one of the largest states of a first world country like America), a proper community resides that doesn’t indulge in technology and all things associated with it.

Would you like to get away from your normal life and spend quality time living with an Amish family? If so, would you be willing to blend in and get the real experience truly?  

Language and Clothes

The Amish community is well-versed in Dutch – normally spoken in Germany – but it’s more of an ancient version of that language, especially in the dialect and accent. In addition, the language that Amish people speak is highly influenced by the English language that we speak today. In Indiana, the language that the Amish use is deeply resonant of that language spoken by Swiss-Germans.

When it comes to their clothing, they prefer to adorn themselves in plain colors; they usually wear black or white, and sometimes, they also wear muted and subtle colors. Some people might find it appalling but buttons and zippers are often frowned upon and some have even banned them entirely. For religious services, the Amish wear long capes. Basically, anything that is smart, easily wearable and not ostentatious is liked by them.

Education and Diversity


You might find it shocking but Amish children are educated only till the age of 14 – that’s when they ideally finish middle school. The mode of instruction is in both English and Swiss-German.

We generally believe that the Amish are one unit, but in reality, they are divided into four groups: the old Order, the New Order, the Beachy Amish, and Amish Mennonites. In fact, they are divided into sub-groups as well. What is this division based on?

Basically, it’s based on principles and traditions. Like you might find Beachy and Amish Mennonites driving around in cars and using technology. That’s not the case with everyone because most of the Amish groups still use horse-drawn buggies to travel.

Dating Life & Religion


Have you ever heard of the term “Rumspringa”? It’s a German dialect and it means “running around”. Still unable to connect the dots? When Amish children hit the age of 16, they are encouraged to socialize and meet new people. The idea is to mate and so Rumspringa always ends with marriage. The time from the age of 16 till 21, in general, is considered to be of immense significance for the Amish community as young men and women decide whether or not they want to be baptized and join the church.

Ohio: A True Amish Visit


Like we mentioned before, Ohio is the largest Amish population in the United States, as it serves as home to one of the most diverse sets of people in the world. You will find this community mostly residing in Holmes and Geauga County. If you live in Ohio, you are never too far away from any Amish community, as they’re widespread.

If nothing else, they are a great weekend escape!

If you ever find yourself traveling on the back roads, you’d most likely find baked goods and cheese put up on stalls. In addition, you will find business advertisements and handicrafts displayed all over.

And if you don’t want to live with an Amish family, you can choose to stay at the Inn which is at Amish Door. It’s a 52 Victorian-style place decorated with luxurious handcrafted furniture. Anyone who is looking for a peaceful yet out-of-the-world experience, allow yourself to immerse in the culture of the Amish people.

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