All you Need to Know About Custom Perfume Boxes

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Everyone loves fragrances all over the world. It is a sweet and powerful essence that can revolve around the mood and the atmosphere around you and your surroundings. It is with us for ages, and people worldwide like to use it daily. Packaging is one essential part of a product, and it gives your perfume boxes a new face and image which customers remember for a long time.

How Customization Elevates your Product.

  • It gives you numerous options from which you can choose for your perfume box. It provides variations in measurements, patterns and shapes, and designs.
  • It helps you elevate your brand by making your product an effective marketing tool.
  • Your custom perfume boxes are printed with all the necessary information about your company and the product. Your logo and company name is published with enhanced style and writings. The company’s contact information is also available on the box, making it an effective marketing tool to represent your brand without your absence.
  • The materials used in the manufacturing of these boxes are sturdy and robust, which keeps the product safe. Many of these boxes have linings or cushions inserted in them, keeping fragile and delicate items scratch-free and decrease the breakage ratio during shipping.
  • Custom boxes are best to introduce your product on an international platform without any extra budgeting and funding.
  • Customer is always happy and satisfied when the packaging is all about what they want precisely. It enhances the customer’s loyalty and affects the sales ratio in minimum time.
  • Customization can bring even the non-related products to be attractive and exciting that a customer is attracted to it even if it is not of his use.
  • There are various add ons available in the market like gloss, matte finishing, lamination, etc., to make your product look stylish, yet it keeps the packaging safe from water and different transportation and shipping damages.

Different Materials for Perfume Boxes.

There are several materials for manufacturing perfume boxes wholesale such as paperboard, corrugated, rigid, bux board.

Paperboard is a thin material that is not suitable for heavy products. It is lightweight, which helps in reducing shipping costs as compared to the other materials present in the market. This material is highly reusable and can be used for multi-purposes. The printing results on this material are highly defined and precise. These material boxes are used as secondary packaging of cereal boxes and biscuit boxes. These boxes are printed with vibrant colors and high-resolution pictures, which are clear and enhanced.

E-corrugated is also known as kraft material, is eco-friendly, and is known to be as shipping boxes. These boxes are spacious, economical, and readily available in flat form, making them easy to store for later use. It is a sturdy and robust material is keeps the product safe from any shipping or transportation damages—the printing results on these boxes highly defined and precise. Usually, these boxes are used to manufacture perfumes packaging boxes as they are eco-friendly, reliable, and stable to hold heavy products like perfume swiftly and steadily.

Rigid and bux board materials are solid and thick materials used to pack delicate and expensive products like perfume, jewelry, etc. Many of these boxes have cushions and linings inside the box, which helps the product not get scratched or damaged during delivery. These boxes’ quality is highly defined and is printed with attractive patterns and designs. These boxes are also used to present these boxes to their associate and business partners on a corporate level.

Different options in sizes and shapes.

There are different sizes and shapes available for perfume boxes such as,

  • Rectangle shape
  • Cube
  • Pyramid
  • Gable boxes
  • sleeve boxes
  • window pane boxes.

Rectangle long body is ubiquitous for women’s perfumes packaging boxes as many perfumes are long and sleek, relating to the ladies and representing their elegance. Usually, ladies’ perfumes are of bright colors like pink, light green, and floral shades. Men’s fragrances are also included in these shapes but with different colors and designs complementing the perfume name and main ingredients.

Cube and pyramid boxes are also standard as they are unique in shape and style. These boxes are designed and printed with creative and attractive patterns and drawings. Many of these perfumes complement different occasions and events, and many of them are named after celebrities.

There are different styles of boxes in which you can represent your perfume to your loved ones, such as gable boxes, sleeve boxes, boxes with window panes, etc.

Gable boxes are one of their kind in style and shape, and Their manufacturing style allows them to form a handle on the top to carry them around easily. The top handle gives them a secure closing so that the perfume inside cannot fall out.

Sleeve box design and boxes with window panes are also well-known and attractive designs for perfume packaging.

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