An Insightful View on the Packaging Wonders in the Bustling Business World

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The packaging that incorporates the content of your subscription, forms worth in the eyes of the customers and drives down the churn. Your way of packaging is just like a visual storyboard that excites the customers and induces calls to action for the customers.

To get a more exciting feel remember the feeling when you picked up your first i-Phone or a birthday present from beloved. What were your feelings while looking at the beautiful white phone box? How was the experience of taking-off the plastic seal? Didn’t you feel the packaging designs and Logo eye-catching?

Obviously, there is no surprise in the fact that you had felt great. By just viewing the packing box you got the hunch of importance, durability and the accurate value of your product.  So definitely Apple meticulously strategizes and designs the way of custom printing and packaging to provide with the top of the line product innovation and customer experience.

So, the Apple example clearly showcases the significance of packaging and designing in the perceived value of any product that you choose for yourself and your loved ones. However, due to the ever-increasing focus on the product quality in general, the packaging industry hasn’t changed and flourished as much as required.  So the packaging and box choices of today make it difficult for us to choose the most suitable Packaging solution for our product.

What kind of packaging is needed? What sort of materials should we use? How many kinds of packaging are acceptable? What sort of attention grabbing printing must we emboss on the packs?

All of these above questions have been the talk of the global business towns and an inevitable part of the thinking of the businessmen and entrepreneurs going to take and process for the packaging orders they have to receive for the product clients.

So we have plotted some construable ways to guide you what to choose and maneuver your first ever packaging order. For your very ease, we would like to begin with the different types of packaging options that you can choose and use to spice up the quality, reliability and desirability of your product in the market.

Types for the Product Packaging Options

After a thorough and authentic research, we have scrambled up some handy and mostly desired packaging options that you can easily pick to enhance your product and customer experience.

Paperboard Boxes

These are the boxes that are made from the paper-based material which is really cheap, effective and easy to handle. The most noticeable feature of this paper material is that it is very lightweight but incredibly durable. You can easily mold this paper in any shape, and structure you like. Paperboard is also available with the name of folding carton. It is a consumer friendly option for packing variety of products. The smooth and flexible texture of its paper material allows you to try your hands for whichever sort of printing and processing you want.

The paper board material is made from the turning of fibrous (naturally occurring) materials that come from wood. These are also made directly from the recycled waste paper into pulp and bleaching it. You can use this material for the packing of cosmetics, medicines, milk, juice, frozen culinary items and more.

There are many types of paperboard material that you can use as per your requirement. These include white paper board, kraft, food-grade, CCNB and SBS. However, the Kraft paper is found less resistant to moisture, making it less suitable for food products. So it is recommended not to use them in food packaging.

Mailer Boxes

It is a versatile mailer box that imparts a sturdy, stylish and a scintillating look to the boxes enveloping the gift boxes, subscription boxes and e-commerce packaging. These are usually seen as the smaller sized boxes almost equal to the size of envelops with square edges.

Corrugated Boxes

These boxes are simply known as Cardboard. It is one of the most widely used packaging entity in the box factories. The most appreciable feature that make these boxes more desirable than all others is its 3 layered material. This box material is made from 3 layers of paper, an outside liner, an inside liner and a corrugated medium as the innermost layer. This corrugation imparts strength and rigidity in the material. It is used in retail packaging, pizza delivery boxes, small consumer goods and so on.

Rigid Boxes

You don’t need of much introduction if you have unboxed your nice pair of shoes or open up your brand new I-phone. Yes, product you have unboxed is boxed by the chic rigid box. These have also become the common type of packaging for the luxury products. These are 4 times thicker than the average folding cartons or cardboards. As compared to the paper and corrugated boxes, these are the most durable and expensive boxes used in the market.  Note that the dies used in their preparation are handmade that don’t require extensive and expensive machinery.

Plastic Bags

Today almost every sort of material is replaced by the plastic. Besides being cheap or even cheapest, the plastic boxes are made from the recyclable materials. We can use these boxes to preserve food everywhere from contamination.

Package Printing Style

After box making with your chosen material (type) as per your product size, the second important step is how to curate and decorate your packaging. To do this beneficial step, here we suggest you three basic types of printing methods to impart a final look to your packaging product.

Flexographic Printing

It is a common form of box printing. In this printing work, we use a printing plate that rotates on a rotatory drum, picks up the ink and stamps it on your corrugated packaging box.

Digital Printing

It is another type of printing that is more commonly used for the smaller sized orders. This printing is just like a standard laser jet printer, that you use in your homes.

Litho-Label Printing

Litho-Printing, a short of lithographic printing, is more like a wall paper type. In this printing type, instead of directly on box, prints are taken on the paper sheet, processed, cut and then pasted on the boxes. This printing method gives a cleaner and a high resolution result.

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