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Australian Law
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In recent years, lawyer-related talents have received considerable salaries and high social status in the job market. More and more students choose to study law in Australia. The legal education of many Australian institutions enjoys a very high international reputation. Next let’s briefly analyze the law major in Australia.

Common courses for Australian law majors

There are two common courses in Australian law: the three-year Juris Doctor (JD) and the one-year Master of Laws (LLM).

Juris Doctor (JD)

The duration of the JD course is usually 3 years, and some institutions also provide an additional half-year PLT (Practical Legal Training) legal practice course. After successfully completing the JD main course, the PLT legal practice course and 75 days of industry practice, students can apply for an Australian lawyer’s license and become a Solicitor.

Master of Laws (LLM)

It is very different from the JD course, and the Master of Law in Australia is a one-year postgraduate law course. It requires applicants to have a legal background, and the course can help students improve their legal knowledge. However, LLM graduates cannot obtain a registered lawyer certificate, nor can they obtain immigration qualifications.

Employment orientation of Australian law majors

Legal workers have a wide range of employment opportunities, they can work in small or large law firms, they can also choose to work in government departments or large enterprises (such as banks or insurance companies), or practice independently. Legal practitioners usually have their own area of expertise, such as specializing in commercial law, criminal law or family law. In Australia, law is a profession in short supply, and the market’s demand for legal talents is increasing day by day.

Corporate legal affairs

Large companies and enterprises have their own independent legal departments. For example, the Big Four accounting firms and commercial firms have similar legal positions to help companies interpret legal contracts, provide decision support, and resolve commercial affairs.

Government agencies

After graduation, students can obtain civil servants, enter government agencies, or work in procuratorates and court systems, become prosecutors, judges, engage in legal-related work, or work in the community.


Engaged in legal research and teaching.

Law firm

There are more than ten top law firms in Australia, including: King & Wood Mallesons, MinterEllison, Allens Linklaters, Ashurst Clayton Utz and Herbert Smith Freehills and other famous law firms.

Recommended Australian law schools

University of Sydney Law School

The University of Sydney Law School is the oldest law school in the southern hemisphere, and one of the best law schools in Australia with the highest college entrance examination scores. It has long been widely recognized and praised by the international industry.

It has cooperative projects with University of Oxford and University of Cambridge’s law schools. Law students at the university can directly transfer to the Oxford University Law Department after two years of study, and finally graduate with a double degree in law from the two schools. What’s more, Sydney University Law School is Harvard University’s only cooperative law school in the southern hemisphere.

For a long time, the graduates of the University of Sydney Law School have controlled the political and economic lifelines of Australia. It is the Australian university that has produced the most prime ministers in Australia and the university that has produced the largest number of billionaires in Australia. In addition, the University of Sydney Law School is also widely recognized and praised by the international industry, and many graduates hold important positions around the world. Relying on the school’s high academic reputation and employer evaluation, the University of Sydney has maintained a record as Australia’s number one institution for local students for decades, and its law school can be described as a true cradle of elites.

University of New South Wales School of Law

The University of New South Wales Faculty of Law was established on March 1, 1971 and is one of the 10 colleges of the university. The University of New South Wales Law School has long attached great importance to social justice, and the world’s largest free legal information provider network is located here.

In the past 6 years, 5 UNSW law students have received the authoritative Rhodes Scholarships. The revision of the Australian Federal Constitution was also completed with the assistance of the school. In addition, the law school also includes the largest taxation school (Atax) in Australia.

Australian National University School of Law

The Australian National University School of Law has always been known for its excellence in legal education, research and community development. It provides a series of inspiring and practical study programs for students who are interested in studying law, including senior lawyers who want to further develop their careers.

The Faculty’s staff are also leading researchers and national and international experts with expertise in international and public law, military and security law, law reform and social justice, committed to excellence in all aspects of teaching, research and policy impact work.

University of Melbourne Law School

The Faculty of Law of the University of Melbourne has opened a Master of Laws, JD and postgraduate research degrees. It also has 18 research centers and research institutes, which can provide students with research and teaching on various legal topics. In addition, the University of Melbourne Law School also has a JD program jointly developed with the University of Oxford. In the final year of JD, students can study at Oxford. As a prestigious law school, the University of Melbourne Law School gathers scholars from all over the world and attracts a large number of outstanding students with a wide range of backgrounds due to its excellent educational standards.

University of Adelaide Law School

The University of Adelaide Law School is the second law school in Australia with a long history and is world-renowned for its graduate quality and research level. In addition, the college provides a vibrant campus environment for world-renowned scholars and highly qualified teachers.

University of Queensland Law School

The University of Queensland Law School is a career-oriented educational institution, so the school has set up a professional department SET and provides a variety of activities or projects to help improve the employment rate of graduates.

University of Western Australia School of Law

Founded in 1927, UWA Law School is the fifth oldest law school in Australia and the top law school in Western Australia.

The University of Western Australia has a long and distinguished history in legal education, research and service, and provides students with a creative and supportive research, teaching and learning environment, cultivating talents in critical thinking, ethical scholarship and practice, and connect with different communities.

Monash University School of Law

The Law School of Monash University is the only law school in Australia that can guarantee that every student will obtain professional practice and legal experience before graduation. Monash University Law School not only has the largest law library in Australia, but also has moot courts for students to conduct case simulation debates.

Like the Law School of the University of Melbourne, the Law School of Monash University provides students with many legal courses for overseas students to choose from, such as network and e-commerce law (Master of E-Law), intellectual property law, commercial law, international law, etc.

To get the law courses provided by these universities or other institutions in Australia, just use Course Finder, a powerful tool that can assist you to get the desired Australian courses with simple clicks.

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