Are Baggage X-Ray Scanners Dangerous To The Contents Inside?

Dual View Baggage Scanner
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Scanners are not dangerous for health or contents inside the bag. If scanners work through x-ray radiation then they will be a little harmful to health. But, now, scanners are using only radiofrequency for scanning.

For safety and security, there are many scanners used at airports, hospitals, metro stations, railway stations, schools, colleges etc. It should be required to keeps the public safe from weapons and explosives. It is too easy to examine through scanners without any harms or adverse effects.

At the airport, metro station or railway station, baggage and human-being scanned separately. However, if you have any costly items in your bag then don’t worry it will be safe. The radiation of the scanners does not harm a person or any item. Even, it helps to determine the metal items in your pocket or your bag.

Which Type of Scanners Used for Security?

For security and safety, various scanners are available for screening the object and human being. Here are some examples of scanners that are used for security:

1) Metal Detectors: The basic purpose of a metal detector is to identify the metal items in your pocket (such as keys, knife etc). This type of scanner used for the screening of human-being and baggage by measuring the power of the magnet. Here are some features of it:

  • It works with a sensor that measures the magnetic field.
  • There are no negative impacts of a metal detector on the body or any item included in your bag.
  • It mainly used at entering point of the mall, complex, metro station, railway station, hospital etc.

2) Screening of Bag: Another detector is “Baggage Screening”. It is an important scanner to identify the object inside the bag without opening it. This scanner is mostly used at airports, metro station etc. Here is the process of this scanner:

  • Before entering into premises, your luggage or baggage will scan through x-ray scanners.
  • X-ray scanners start to create the image of the items inside the bag on the computer.
  • Due to technology, it can take pictures in colour also.
  • An x-ray can be harmful to health but a scanner can’t.
  • Scanners are completely safe and secure for both human being and luggage.

The radiation of these scanners is not harmful to health. According to the study, scanners can’t damage your luggage or items included in the bag. It is not dangerous and every country is using these scanners for safety and security.

3) Screening of Body: Lastly, full-body screening is an essential step for every security process. This type of scanner determines the harmful component (knife, weapons and explosive) inside the cloth. In this process, there are two types of scanners are in use and these are:

  • Backscatter Scanners: – This scanner uses x-rays to trace the illegal weapons and explosives inside the cloth. It creates an image of the body parts and then starts to check properly. The radiation of x-rays transfers towards the human being scanned. However, it includes a minimal risk of health.
  • Millimetre-Wave Scanners: It also works the same as backscatter scanners but it uses RF (radio frequency) in the place of x-rays. This type of scanners does not involve any kind of health risk because of the unavailability of x-ray radiation. That is why many countries are using this scanner for security purpose.

Scanners are Safe for Health or Contents inside the Bag?

Scanners are not so dangerous for our health. Even, safety depends upon the technology of that scanner. In other words, if a scanner involves the technology of x-ray then it will be a little harmful to health. If scanners are not using x-ray radiation then it is completely free from harm.

Nowadays, mostly those scanners are used that does not involve any x-ray radiation (like as Millimetre Wave Scanner). This kind of scanners is not harmful to health.

Final Verdict

We all know that the radiation of x-ray may harm some cells in the body. Many scanners use x-ray radiation while some uses dual view baggage scanners. So, it is not right to say that scanners can be harmful to the content inside the bag. Proper scanning will protect you from any fraud, explosive and other illegal weapons.

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