Auto Watch Ghost- a Complete Guide to Secure Vehicle

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What is an Auto watch ghost?

An autowatch ghost is a digital CAN bus immobilizer. An immobilizer is a device that protects a vehicle from theft, key cloning, ket-less range extensions, learning vehicle keys, and key code hackings.

The ghost immobilizer is an original after-market product. It is a digital immobilizer.

Functions of ghost

Its major function is to protect a car from theft. Any kind of digital or physical theft.

It keeps the thief from driving your car in any way, the thief would not be able to drive the car.

How it works

The ghost works by using the buttons on your vehicle. It could be any kind of buttons such as those on our steering wheel, door panels or centre console.

By using these buttons, the ghost lets you create a unique, changeable pin code sequence that must be entered before you can drive the car and only you know that code.

If you do not enter the code, the ghost will not run the engine. The engine will not work until the code is entered.

The ghost connects and communicates with your car’s engine control unit on the can data circuit which is silent so the thief cannot hack it.

How to use

To use our vehicle with a ghost immobilizer you will simply have to enter your PIN code using the buttons on the steering wheel, centre console or door panel.

You do not have to carry any additional equipments once you have your device installed and running.

How it is a fool-proof system

This is a fool-proof system because:

The thief cannot hack your OBD port.

The ghost is undetectable.

It uses diagnostics and it does not have any radio signals.

It does not give away it’s location so the thief cannot add a new key or mess with the engine control unit.

It doesn’t have any LED indications.

Your car’s engine will only start with the correct data input.

Features of ghost

Safe installation with no wire cuttings.

Pin code

Silent communication with the engine control unit offers immobilization.

The ghost uses the on-board CAN data network.

It does not have any relay operation

It gives you a unique emergency code in case you forget the key

User friendly, the PIN can be changed by the user who knows the current PIN.

It does not have any fobs.

Does not give any radio signals.

It offers a dis-ar sequence via buttons

Mobile applications can connect to 2 phones for a quick disarm.

Valet mode

It has a unique valet mode feature so that when someone else has to use your vehicle, you do not have to give the PIN code. Valet mode temporarily dia]sables the immobilizer and when you have to give your car to valet service they can drive it without any issues.

Range of compatible vehicles:

Any road vehicle manufactured since 2004 which is installed with the CAN bus system is totally compatible with the ghost immobilizer.


The installation of ghost immobilizer is a reversible and non-invasive procedure.

It does not damage your vehicle in any way and it can also be transferred to another vehicle if you want to transfer it to a new vehicle. It does not impact the warranty of your vehicle.

Important tips

The ghost immobilizing system is greatly affected by phone service. It depends on the phone service providers and manufacturers (apple and android) so when you are using the ghost, the phone service BlueTooth update might interrupt the functions of the immobilizer.

Sometimes when a major update in the IOS or android is released, that causes such interruptions in the ghost system.

These problems are later fixed but for your own safety, try to use the app as less as possible and do not make it the primary operating method for your ghost device.

You should always remember the disarm sequence and always have access to the emergency code.

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