How To Choose Best Domestic Travel Insurance In India?

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Every person needs to relax once in a while by visiting a new tourist spot or scenic location. Most of us opt for domestic travel plans because they are not only affordable but also much more convenient and manageable than foreign trips. However, you might not be always prepared for an emergency or an untoward incident during a trip. To provide you financial cover during a trip within the country, many banks and finance firms offer travel plan insurance. 


An ideal domestic travel insurance policy will take care of everything from hotel bills, accommodation expenses, and other expenses that you might encounter while enjoying your holiday. It should also provide some extra protection in case you need it to stay safe during a vacation. To enjoy safe and care-free holidays, you can adhere to these ideas:


Check the destination cover 


If you have already chosen a destination, then check whether the domestic travel plan has got it covered or not. This is because some plans provide global coverage whereas certain plans provide financial cover only for specific regions. 


Consider your travelling habits 


If you travel only to certain parts of our country occasionally then you should go for the domestic travel insurance India, as the travel insurance for abroad locations might need a higher membership fee. However, if you are an avid traveller then you must go for the travel insurance plans that allow multiple trips per year. 


Policy type and Medical Cover 


It is way better to purchase a travel insurance plan for your entire family because individual travel insurance plans will cost you a lot. Also, see to it if your travelling insurance plan includes medical cover and emergency support and assistance as well. 


If you are looking for a plan that can help you whilst travelling abroad and in India along with a broad range of features and facilities then you can opt for the domestic travel plan that is offered by Bajaj Finance. The following benefits are included in this travel insurance plan:


Emergency cover 


If you need funds urgently during your trip or journey then this plan will provide you a financial cover of up to Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 for domestic and foreign trips respectively. You can use this emergency cover for your return trip, hotel charges, and other expenses. 


It is a given as an advance payment that you will have to repay within 28 days. Also, this advance will be interest-free!


Emergency assistance 


If you get stranded due to the breakdown of your car or any other vehicle then don’t worry as this domestic travel insurance gives you complete roadside assistance in more than 700 locations in India. 


The roadside assistance also includes fuel expenses of up to 2 liters if you are using a two-wheeler and up to 5 liters if you are using a car. 


Extra Protection 


An extra protection cover of Rs. 3,00,000 is given to recover your losses due to accidents, burglary, hospitalization/medical expenses during trips, theft or loss of baggage, and much more. 


Other benefits 


A free PAN Card replacement is given if you lose it during your trip. Moreover, you can block all your credit and debit cards if they get lost while you are on a vacation. You just need to make a single call and all your payment cards will be blocked at once. 


It is online domestic travel insurance which means that you can apply for it online easily. With so many benefits and such wide coverage, you will find it to be one of the best domestic travel insurance plans in India. 


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