Best Bike In the World in 2021

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When it comes to finding the best bikes in the world, one has a lot of options. With so many brands available on the market today, each claiming to be the best, it can become a bit difficult to decide which ones are the best. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Just take a look at the top speed bikes in the world list by category to get a better idea. Once you have that list, you’ll have a better idea about what kinds of bikes are the best.

Of course, this list doesn’t include every bike in the world, just the top ones. When narrowing down the choices for the best bikes, consider the suspension technology. There are three types of suspension technology. Which one you choose will depend on what you like to do on your bike and how you want it to handle.

Different Types of Suspension Technology

The three different types of suspension technology are full suspension, soft suspension and hard suspension.

Hard suspension bikes offer a much heavier and stiffer ride than full Suspension bikes do. Hard suspension means that the entire tire is in contact with the ground. Most hard suspensions use air-cushion technology. Air cushion allows the suspension system to absorb the shock of the road better than regular air. Hard suspension technology also means that these bikes will last longer because the entire tire is covered.

Mountain bikes tend to use a softer suspension system. Because of this, they are perfect for riding off road types of terrain. Mountain bikes were also one of the first road bikes to use the Gossamer Windlass Technology, which allows for very smooth transitions from top tube to bottom tube even when the tires are loaded down with dirt.

Bicycle enthusiasts love a good solid, comfortable bike. Trek has developed their Bamboo model that is light, efficient, and great for cycling off road. Bamboo is an all new bamboo design that allows Trek to use much less bamboo material in their bikes than they do in their more popular road bikes. The company has also developed a great deal of technological advancements to make their bicycles even more comfortable, lighter, and efficient.

Harley Davidson makes high quality bikes that are both lightweight and affordable. Bikes from this brand tend to be on the heavier side but the performance is unmatched. It didn’t take long for Harley Davidson to find their place in the hearts of serious motorcycle and bicycle riders. The company started selling their models in America in touring bikes in the 1930’s and they haven’t looked back. Their flat bar bike is still a popular option today. Other models that have gone forward include the Cruiser, Sportster, and Superbird.

Specialized bikes like the Specialized Alpinestars are designed to be an extension of the biking experience. These bikes take you from smooth riding trails to off road adventures with ease. You can choose from several different suspension configurations and many are equipped with all the features that you would find on a full suspension bike. Other features to look for include interchangeable dropouts or remountable rear derailleurs. You can also choose from many different options in tires and suspension yet, you may be surprised at how affordable these top of the line products can be.


Trek, Specialized, and Harley Davidson make up the top three brands when it comes to mountain bikes. Each offers a variety of mountain bike models ranging in hardness and suspension as well as different frame designs. Most people prefer hard tail bikes for cycling off road though many may be impressed by the light weight frame designs of some of these top-of-the line models. Whatever your preference in the matter, it’s easy to find a bike that will suit your needs as long as you do your homework and spend time searching for the best deals out there.

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