20 Best Men’s Pajama Brands for Lounging in 2022

20 Best Men’s Pajama Brands for Lounging
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Pajamas are the most comfortable loungewear and sleepwear that one should have in their closets without any doubt. To have a few of these is a blessing. Wherever a person has to visit, a comfy pair of pajamas does the job extremely well. Tracing the history of this garment, this was discovered long ago. Basically, during the time of British colonialism, this garment had come to gain mass popularity. 

During the 18th as well as 19th centuries, when the British reign was at its peak in various parts of the world, the word ‘Pajama’ was discovered through the Bangla language. Eventually, as the spread of people and intermixing of languages started like a fire, this word gained popularity throughout the world. The most amazing thing about this garment was that its usage was beyond any gender bias. Therefore, a pajama for men and women were stitched in similar ways. 

What are the features of good pajamas?

A good pair of PJs, to begin with, should be comfortable. Comfort comes at the priority for any and every outfit, more so when it comes to a pajama. One can move around freely and have proper body movements wearing pajama. The comfort is primarily due to the fabric with which this garment is made. Mostly, it is made out of cotton, however sometimes one can also acquire the taste of silk or nylon nightwear for men and women, for a change. 

Another reason why most people prefer wearing this particular garment is because of the warmth it provides. One can feel at complete ease and cozy by wearing this one at all times. Especially during the winter season, when the temperatures are tremendously low, a good pajama can help one sail through the cold nights with flying colors. The bedtime routine gets way more sorted than it already is, with this particular garment. 

Styling and dressing up has become a primary part of the lifestyle. With a plethora of collections that are available on the internet, one can choose anything she/he wants to. Now buying exceptionally beautiful outfits is easier with the advent of online shopping. Women’s or men’s pajamas online can be styled in many ways. Combining a casual with formal garment brings out the best look in anyone. 

Wearing a pajama brings out the feeling of relaxation in every individual. It is a way of the body’s call, asking you to sleep. Therefore, wearing this outfit gives a person agency to decide on what to do next. With the Pandemic situation throughout the world, this garment has gained even more popularity than it already was. The garment also helps people in calming down the mind and the body. 

Storage is a problem in Indian households. A pajama is easy to store and hence widely used by the Indians. Since it is lightweight and soft, one can store the garment even in the littlest of spaces. 

Best Brands to look out for buying Pajamas

With online shopping coming into space vehemently, one can now easily catch the best offers that are there in the market. Women’s and men’s nightwear is made by some great Indian brands which one should surely check out. The list for the same mentioned below: 

  1. Bewakoof
  2. Clovia 
  3. Campus Sutra 
  4. Sweet Dreams 
  5. Fugazee
  6. Smugglerz 
  7. Zivame
  8. High Star
  9. PlusS
  10. Masha 
  11. Roadster 
  12. Red Tape
  13. Wonder Woman
  14. The Souled Store 
  15. Bigbanana
  16. Basics
  17. Ether 
  18. Camey
  19. Highlander
  20. Oxolloxo

The above-mentioned brands are some of the best ones that are available on online platforms like Bewakoof. Visit the official website to get your hands on the best deals on sleepwear for men and women. The Tribe Members can get an additional discount on every purchase. Isn’t the deal exciting? So, don’t wait and shop today. 

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