How to Choose the Best Preschools Near Me: A Guide

best preschools near me
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Scientists have regularly linked long-term academic success to early-year education. So getting the right preschool for your child is probably one of the best gifts you can offer them.

Choosing a preschool is a big decision, and you’ll want to get it right. But what types of qualities and features should you look for when viewing schools in your local area?

Read on if you are wondering: what are the best preschools near me? We have all the answers in this guide.


Dropping your child off at preschool and getting to the office on time requires some planning (and plenty of coffee). So you’ll need to be pragmatic about the location of the best preschool.

Choose one short distance from home or within a reasonable drive between home and work. And keep an eye out for how busy the roads get during rush hour.

Staff and Culture

You will want reassurance that your child will be with caring, patient, and engaging staff. Always book a visit to the best preschools on your shortlist to spend time speaking to their employees.

Ideally, make an unannounced visit, too. If you can, observe the staff interacting with the children. Do the children seem calm and focused? Is there discipline?

Ask the staff about their formal educational qualifications, including support staff and teaching assistants.

The Environment

Does the environment seem ordered and stimulating, with lots of fun and educational activities for your child? Do the children have access to a safe and secure outdoor area with plenty of places to explore or frames to climb?

Inside, examine the toys and educational material on offer for the children. Is it clean and new, or do they have a few broken toys or torn books?

Safety and Security

Ensuring your child is in a safe building will be paramount during your search. Look for multi-layered security on the building, including security at outer and inner gates.

Ask about safety protocols, such as the preschool keeping a list of named relatives and security passwords for pick-up time.

Check whether they have CCTV around the building, and ask what safety background checks the preschool carries out for all staff. Check the classrooms – do they look safe?

Are walkways clear and small, or are dangerous objects out of the reach of children? Check their accident and injury procedure and whether they have a first aid person on site.


Ask the preschool about their teaching methodology. Do they follow more standard methods or offer an alternative, such as Steiner or Montessori? This article provides some background on the Montessori method.

You should look for an approach that fits with your educational priorities for your child and also your child’s personality.

If your son or daughter loves the outdoors, the best school might be a forest-based one. If they love reading and writing, ensure they have access to a beautiful library and lots of un story time sessions.

What Are the Best Preschools Near Me?

So we started with the question: what are the best preschools near me? But as you can see, there is no definitive answer, but there are some factors you can include when looking for the perfect setting for your child.

To help prepare your child for their new preschool, continue reading through our education section for lots more tips.

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