Best Tutorial To Add EIN To QuickBooks Payroll

Best Tutorial To Add EIN To QuickBooks Payroll
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Employer Identification Number or EIN is used by IRS to keep track of a business’s tax liability records. EIN, also known as tax id, is a nine-digit number that is of great importance due to its role in tax liability records. You require some additional information such as zip code, service key to add EIN to QuickBooks payroll subscription. This article will cover the fundamentals of how to add EIN to QuickBooks payroll. Alongside, you’ll see some restrictions and requirements of the process, the steps to remove EIN from payrolls and the steps to add a company file, if required. In short, this article works as a complete guide for this procedure.

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Restrictions And Requirements To Add EIN To QuickBooks Payroll

Before starting with the actual process, it’s better you realize the requirements and restrictions involved. Knowing these conditions will make your actual procedure quite simple and easy to understand. Go through the points stated below:

  1. You must have the newest or the latest supported version of QuickBooks.
  2. The contact information and the payroll administrator should be the same for all companies for a single payroll subscription.
  3. You must or should always use a registered copy of QuickBooks Desktop on the same device. This will process payroll for all the companies on a single payroll subscription.
  4. Remember, QuickBooks can only support a single company data file per EIN. Using otherwise can cause multiple errors or issues.
  5. QuickBooks payroll has a limit on the number of companies you can add to one subscription. These limits are based not on the number of employees but on the company data files.
  6. Suppose you pay your employees with Direct Deposit; then you can have multiple companies with DD on the same payroll subscription.
  7. Using Enhanced Payroll for Accounts license owner can possess some restrictions as well. Make sure not to give or share your service key with clients. This way, your account can get exposed to unauthorized users.

Now that you know and understand the restrictions and requirements, it’s better you move to the actual process that covers all the necessary steps.

Add EIN To QuickBooks Desktop

To add EIN to QuickBooks Desktop, you need to implement or follow certain basic measures. The steps to add EIN to QuickBooks payroll are discussed below:

  1. Choose Employees and then choose Payroll.
  2. Click on Use My Existing Payroll Service.
  3. In the Identify Subscription, you can select Use Subscription Number XXXXXXX.
  4. You can now choose Other: I have an… and a zip code if you don’t see your own subscription on the list.
  5. Now, choose Open and choose Next.
  6. Choose Next to add the company EIN when the Add Company Information window opens up.
  7. Finally, you can now choose to Print Or Return To QuickBooks Desktop. You must keep in mind that the validating payroll subscription window opens up and gets added automatically.
  8. Now, check the Service Key. Choose Employees and then on My Payroll Service. Finally, choose Manage Service Keys.
  9. Choose View to display the new service key with an active status. This way, you’ve successfully added EIN to QuickBooks.

Now that you’ve seen the actual process, the following section will cover the steps to remove EIN from payroll.

How To Remove EIN From Payrolls?[The Steps You Should Know]

To remove EIN from payrolls, you need to follow a series of steps in the correct sequence. Go through the steps discussed below:

  1. Move to Employees and then to My Payroll Service. Finally, then move to Account/Billing Info.
  2. Sign in with your Intuit credentials.
  3. Choose the Remove EINs link present in the Service Information section of the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page.
  4. Choose the EIN you wish to remove from the subscription. Now, finally, choose Remove.
  5. Choose the Yes, Remove EIN option to confirm the removal of EIN.
  6. Choose OK.

The next section covers the steps or the complete process to add a company file if required.

Process To Add A Company File

Executing a few basic steps can help you add a company file if you purchased a subscription directly from Intuit prior to creating a QuickBooks company file. Go through the measures explained below:

  1. Note the service key of the EIN.
  2. Move to Employees, choose Payroll and then select Enter Payroll Service Key.
  3. Choose Add. Enter the service key without hyphens.
  4. Select Edit instead of Add if the company file already has the payroll service key in it. Enter the service key.
  5. Choose Next and then click on Finish.
  6. A new tax Table should get downloaded. All payroll functions must get activated on your company file.

This article covers the fundamentals of how to add EIN to QuickBooks payroll. In this blog, you saw the restrictions and limitations of the process involved. After that, you saw the actual steps to add EIN, to remove EIN from payrolls. You also discovered the steps to add a company file, if necessary. Make sure to follow all that’s discussed in this blog carefully.

You can also ring the team of QuickBooks Professionals at (1-855-948-3646) if you feel that it’s required and necessary.

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