Breast Lift Surgery vs Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Almost every woman pays a lot of attention to their physical attributes and is quite skeptical about the size and shape of their breasts. The idea is to have a pair of perfectly contoured breasts that can accentuate their physical appearance manifolds. Complexities regarding the physical appearance may result in deteriorated self-confidence and thereby affect the personal and professional life of the individual. This is the reason, cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired shape and size of breasts have earned high popularity. However, there has been a lot of speculation and misunderstanding over the two procedures (breast lift surgery vs breast augmentation surgery), which are distinct from each other. Either of the procedures are suggested and implemented as per the needs and demands of the candidates undergoing the procedure. 

  1. What is a breast lift?

Breast lift is different from breast augmentation and is a non-surgical treatment. The procedure involves elimination of the excess skin on the breasts which causes sagging of the breasts giving it more aged appearance. After removal of excess skin, the breasts are given a tighter appearance making them look more youthful and contoured. Breast lift is very popular among women who do not want to adopt artificial methods to flaunt a pair of well-contoured breasts, yet still want to glow like they are in their 20s. 

  1. What is breast augmentation surgery?

One of the primary aspects that differentiates between breast lift surgery vs breast augmentation surgery is that breast augmentation surgery is a more surgically invasive procedure. It involves surgical implantation of artificial implants on the breasts which gives a more full and plump appearance to the candidate. This is mostly implemented by candidates who have small breasts and want to achieve added sizes. The breast implants used for the same are mostly made up of silicon which ensures longevity and are durable. However, over decades, the implants might lose their attributes and needs to be surgically removed or replaced. 

  1. When is Breast Lift Required?

Unlike breast augmentation surgery, breast lift surgery is mostly required for lifting saggy breasts. Sagginess of breasts may either occur due to advancing age, abrupt health deterioration or weight loss due to certain diseases, post-pregnancy, or other reasons, which may make the breasts look droopy and out-of-shape. Breast lift surgery is considered one of the best options here, as it helps in tightening the skin and make the breasts look firmer and more youthful. 

  1. When is a breast augmentation surgery required?

Breast augmentation surgery is included in the traditional cosmetic surgical procedures that involve augmenting the breasts to make them look more full. Mostly preferred by women blessed with small breasts, this particular procedure involves placing artificial implants on the upper portion of the breast. This not only adds additional volume to the breasts but also gives a plump appearance. The procedure is mostly adopted by professionals in the modelling, or entertainment industry, however, the modern day craze of flaunting the perfect body has driven women from all sectors to give cosmetic surgery a try.

  1. Which is more effective?

The argument between breast lift surgery vs breast augmentation surgery involves a lot of speculation. This is because most of the candidates fail to understand the difference between the two and thus, have a hard time understanding which one they actually need. The effectiveness of the procedure has a lot to do with the needs of the candidate. In case the candidate needs firming, a breast lift is ideal to proceed with. However, if the candidate expects volume, breast augmentation is the key. If need be, the candidate may avail both the procedure, which shall, however, be performed either simultaneously or at different times. 

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