A Brief Idea about Teeth Whitening Treatment You Should Know

Brief Idea about Teeth Whitening Treatment
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Are you looking for a fast, effective and non-invasive solution to whitening of teeth? Then, Teeth whitening treatment is the most suitable solution for you to avail. Also known as the bleaching treatment, the solution easily fits everyone’s necessities, budget and time frame. You may either use home teeth whitening kits for the purpose at your convenient time and space or may avail the in-chair treatment at a dentist’s office. The clinical procedure lasts about an hour and is obviously more effective. The home kit is available in abundant across the drug stores in London.

The best thing about it is teeth whitening offers moderate to substantial improvement in the appearance of teeth for everyone. As a result of this improvement, your smile automatically gets enhanced too. However, it doesn’t offer you a permanent solution to your discoloured teeth. But first, let’s find out why the teeth get discoloured or stained in the first place.

Reasons for stained or discoloured teeth:

Excessive consumption of beverages like coffee, red wine, cola drinks and even tea can discolour the teeth. Smoking or chewing tobacco is another major factor behind the problem. Even certain medication may bring stains to your teeth.

As a result of any of these factors, the outer, hardy enamel layer of your tooth loses its natural whiteness and picks up a slightly yellowish stain. In the course of time, as the problem grows deeper, the yellowish stain turns brownish. This gives your tooth a bad look, especially when you smile.

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Difference between Teeth whitening and bleaching:

Technically speaking, the two are never the same. Your teeth can only be bleached when it’s possible to whiten them beyond their natural shade or colour. Products used for this purpose invariably contain carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

On the other hand, whitening refers to restoring the surface colour of your tooth by cleaning the dirt and the debris that stick to it. Therefore, any teeth cleaning product, like a toothpaste, is a whitener. But as the term whitening sounds better than bleaching, it is used more frequently. Thus, we generally use the term whitening even while describing a product that has the bleaching action on the teeth. Thus, you invariably come across more teeth whitening offers in London than teeth bleaching.

Bleaching is definitely more powerful than whitening and makes use of fast-acting hydrogen peroxide, a chemical prepared in the chemist’s lab. Any bleaching material contains 9 to 40 per cent of this chemical to provide effective results.

Your home bleaching kit contains carbamide peroxide, which acts slower than hydrogen peroxide. This chemical possesses about one-third of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. In other words, a 15% solution of this chemical is roughly equivalent to a 5% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Types of tooth stains:

There’re two types of tooth stains, extrinsic and intrinsic stain.

The extrinsic stain appears on the surface of the tooth enamel. This occurs mainly due to excessive indulgences to the beverages, addiction to tobacco and other factors mentioned above. This type of stains in a minor problem and can be easily removed. Proper brushing and prophylactic cleaning of the teeth are the best solutions to this oral problem.

Treatment of teeth whitening offers an impressive result in removing the stubborn extrinsic stain that is deposited on the teeth. But, if this strain isn’t properly dealt with on time, it gets into the inner dentin layer of your teeth and proves more troublesome to remove. Thus, dental offices usually offer a gift voucher for teeth whitening treatment to remove the extrinsic stain appearing on the tooth enamel.

Intrinsic stain affects the inner layers of your teeth. Various reasons that lead to it include trauma, excessive intake of fluoride, mineral exposure and even old age. In the past, attempts were made to remove this type of stain by bleaching.

However, that didn’t yield many results. Modern dentistry has come up with some effective solutions to this problem. One of the most reliable solutions to this problem is using dental veneers. This cosmetic dentistry solution is unarguably the best resort to overcome the problem.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps to avoid the teeth stain problem. Avoid smoking or any other form of tobacco consumption, cut down on alcohol and cola drinks to keep the problem at bay.

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