How to troubleshoot Brother Printer not Printing Error

How to troubleshoot Brother Printer not Printing Error
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Brother has a good name for printer brands. Many people prefer this brand over others due to its specifications and budget-friendly cost. Brother printers are very easy to set up with devices. But there are Brother Printer not Printing that is often faced by users while taking printouts with Brother Printer.

Common Reason behind Brother Printer not Printing Error

  1. Error in Brother printer connection 
  2. The printhead is not moving
  3. Brother printer driver is corrupted
  4. Viruses are corrupting your Brother printer command
  5. Brother printer can’t find the ink cartridge
  6. Paper jam on Brother printer 

Troubleshooting Steps of Brother Printer not Printing Error

Run a Printer Troubleshooter

When your Brother printer device stops working then inspect the error. The user should run the printer troubleshooter on his PC. When the printer is getting errors due to specific files then a printer troubleshooter may help. It will scan the related files and inspect the error. Now check the report page; if it shows resolved then your Brother Printer not Printing error gets fixed.

Check your Brother Printer Connection

Whenever your printer is not taking printouts check its connection. Issues on the printer connection are very common. Eject the cable from the printer and PC; check both ends. If it has any kinks or is damaged then replace it. Whenever you search for a cable; always go for a high-speed one. Your wireless printer can get into error when you are using a low-speed cable.

It can’t carry the commands correctly and the printer starts showing errors. On the network, check whether WPS is working correctly or not. Restart the router and reconnect the Brother printer. Now run the Brother printer and take the printouts. 

Check the Driver of your Brother Printer

When the Brother device shows an error, you have to check the driver. Without a reliable printer driver, the Brother printer won’t work. Users should go to the PC and check the driver. If it is not working correctly; you have to repair it. Go to the Brother software and check for the corrupted files. Repair the files and then retry to run the driver.

In case, you can’t repair your Brother printer driver manually then you can run the driver repair tool. These tools are available on the web. Install the tool and then it will repair the corrupted files on your driver. You can also reinstall the program directly. Go to the corrupted Brother driver and remove it from your computer. Open Brother’s website and get the driver. Install the correct driver for your Brother printer and then the printer will start working.

Reset your Brother Printer

Your printer shows an error when its settings are invalid. Sometimes users change the settings and get the printer into error mistakenly. You can reset the settings of your Brother device. Go to Menu and select the Initial Setup button. Select the Reset option and then choose the reset type. After resetting the printer, configure it to the PC or network. Enter the Default Brother Printer Password for the connection. Once the printer is configured, take the printouts.

Check the Printhead

If the Brother Printer not Printing then go to the device and check for the printhead. Without the printhead, your device won’t print anything. If the printhead is overheated then close the printer immediately. When the printhead cools down, you can take the printouts. If your printhead gets clogged, remove the dried ink. Open the printer and then clean the printhead carefully. Run a utility tool for cleaning the printhead. 

  1. Go to the Brother printer and open Control Panel
  2. Select Ink and hit on the Cleaning option
  3. Choose the colours

Tap on the OK button and the printhead will start cleaning. Now restart the printer and then try to use your Brother printer.

Check the Cartridge

Your printer can show Brother Printer not Printing when it can’t find the cartridge. Without the cartridge, your Brother printer won’t get any ink for print out. Now check your cartridge for any damage. Also, check the contacts pins. Now reinstall the cartridge correctly on the printer and try to take printouts. If your cartridge is empty, replace it with an original Brother printer cartridge. Users can also refill the cartridge for cost-cutting. After refilling it, reinstall the cartridge and take your printouts.

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