How to Build a Smoker at Home?

How to Build a Smoker at Home
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Build a Smoker at Home- this is the question under discussion these days. BBQ is something that no one can negate to eat. Except the bigot vegans, all humans love the vintage BBQ. For that, you need pits and smokers, which are sometimes costly. So, in this article I will share the easiest way to build a BBQ smoker out of a clay pot at home which is manifold cheaper than the branded bbq smokers.

Ways to Build a Smoker at Home-Different Method

Building a Smoker Out of a Clay Pot

If you are a DIY lover, it’s more than a time pass for you. Even if you love to stick to the bed on your weekends, reading this method may motivate you trying it once at least.

Clay Pot

Make sure to get a clay pot larger enough from bottom to make a room for hot plate and control knob.

Electric Plate

Make sure to but an electric plate according to the diameter of the clay pot. Also, that it must run on 1000 watts to maintain so that you can do all your meats easily.


You can find a grate at hardware stores or online. The one you choose must be of the right diameter to nestle inside your clay pot about 1/4 of the way down the sides.

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A Cover

Find a clay pot or a pot tray that will fit over, inside, or right on top of the larger pot’s lip. The cover should be able to form a good seal and not slide off the bigger clay pot.


Make sure the hardware for the handle assembly is compatible with the cover you’ve chosen.

Drill a hole

Drill a hole — or widen an existing hole — in the bottom of the huge clay pot for the hot plate’s electrical plug to pass through using a masonry or glass-and-tile bit. Cradle the pot on a bag of sand for support while drilling the hole to reduce the risk of damage.


A good thermometer which you can afford.

Assemble a handle for the lid. Use the eye bolt, bolt, washers, nuts, and a 6-inch length of wood or wood dowel. Drill a hole in the bottom of the clay cover for the handle assembly.

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Building a Smoker out of a Trash Can

Yes, if you have some trash can, you can convert it to a cooker. This is an amazing idea to build a smoker at home. If it is an old one and, make sure to sanitize it properly.

Steps to Follow

  • Place an electric hot plate having a nice heating element at the bottom of the can. Make sure to fix it.
  • Drill a hole for the cord. Makes that the part of the wire which remained inside of the can must be wrapped with some insulated material.
  • Over the heating element, place a metal chip box.
  • Now take a grill grate which is as liked according to the diameter of the can. Not so small in diameter that it would slide down and nor to bod that you had to place outside the can.
  • Make a small hole at the top of the cover so that you can place an analog or digital temperature gauge.
  • For ultimate insulation you can cover the side ring of the cover of the can with some dough.
  • There is a serious caution in making a can an electric smoker as it may get heated form outside. So, to avoid this either have a portable electric smoker or use hand gloves to protect yourself.

Building Smoker DIY-Rest of Ideas

So below are the rest of the ideas to build a smoker at home.

  • Making Barrel Smoker out of a Gallon Drum
  • Turning a Wiskey Barrel into a Smoker
  • Building a meat Smoker out of a Refrigerator
  • Making Smoker form an old office Cabinet



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