What Degrees You Can Study for a Career in Business

career in business
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Make that moolah! The business and finance operations industry will add more than 750,000 jobs between 2020 and 2030.

If you want a lucrative and stable career, you should consider a career in business. However, you can’t just send your resume out and expect to land a job. You need to get a degree first.

What degrees can you get? What is your career path for each type of degree? How can you specialize in a particular industry or business?

Answer these questions and you will be rolling in money before you know it. Here is your quick guide.

Business Management

A business management degree is the best degree you can get if you want a business career. During your years in school, you will take classes in accounting, communications, and project management.

You can specialize in a particular type of business or industry. Some colleges let you pursue concentrations in manufacturing, healthcare, and social action advocacy.

Take a look at a few different programs before you pick one for your management degree. You can discover more here about bachelor’s degrees in science, but you should also examine bachelor’s degrees in arts.


A marketing degree will let you learn how to sell products to people. You will understand how market research works and how you can develop a company brand.

Many businesses are looking for marketing people, so you can find an entry-level job easily. You can run your own marketing business, or you can become the chief communications officer for another business.


A finance degree lets you study banking, economics, and trading. You can learn how to pay off debt, build credit, and raise money for business operations. You can also learn about payrolls and managing money for your employees.

Even if you decide to pursue a business management degree, you should take finance classes. If you can’t open your own business with your degree, you can work as a chief financial officer or a business advisor.


As a business owner, you need to know about many relevant business laws. Getting a law degree will help you gain expertise in business laws and let you make money as a lawyer.

You can work in a law firm and then run your own practice. You can also advise companies on laws and represent them during civil lawsuits.

Starting a Career in Business

You can start an incredible career in business once you have a degree. A business management degree can help you start a career with many different companies. Try to find a concentration in an industry that interests you.

If you prefer public relations and talking to people, you should get a marketing degree. A finance degree can help you become a financial officer while a law degree can give you essential legal experience.

Your career is in your hands, so get the facts you need to determine your future. Read more guides to business degrees by following our coverage.

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