Useful 10 mobile apps for Online Health Records

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The medical field is always changing and evolving. It may seem like there are too many new online health records app to keep up with, but one thing remains true: it’s important to stay on top of your health records at all times. With so many ways to store them these days, the question isn’t how you can do it, but which one will work best for your needs? This blog post will discuss ten online health record apps that make accessing and storing medical records a lot easier. 

Finserv Health 

It is a useful Online health records app for people who are looking to keep their medical records handy. It is an online storage platform that allows you to store your health information in the cloud and access it whenever you want. You can also share these with other doctors or caregivers if necessary, which makes this app extra helpful when visiting multiple providers at once. The app also allows you to consult doctors online.

It is a web-based capacity stage that permits you to store your wellbeing data in the cloud and access it at whatever point you need. You can likewise share these with different specialists or guardians if essential, which makes this application extra accommodating when visiting various suppliers without a moment’s delay. The application likewise permits you to counsel specialists on the web.


HealthVault is a powerful, cloud-based health data platform. It securely stores your medical records so you can access them anytime from any device. You have the option to store just about anything in HealthVault, including family history, medications, allergies, and insurance information.


myPHR is a mobile application that allows the user to store, access and share medical records easily. This app can help you track your health status on a daily basis using various tools like BMI Calculator, Blood Pressure Tracker etc.


MTBC PHR provides users with healthcare information to help them make informed decisions. The app helps the user track their health condition and diagnose it for better results. The app contains all your personal medical records, insurance details, and other related data in one place, which can be accessed by you and your healthcare providers.

My Medicals

This online health record app helps you to store all of your medical records and prescriptions on your phone. Your health care providers can update, view or download these files through the app as well.


This online medical records platform offers a secure and convenient way to access all your health care information from the convenience of your smartphone. Healthspek is compatible with the most commonly used browsers, smartphones, tablets and PDAs, meaning you can securely store up-to-date personal details wherever you go.

Medfusion Plus

This free service provides patients with access to their own health records. You can also send your doctor secure messages, schedule appointments, and request prescription refills directly from the app. Medfusion Plus can be customized to meet your needs with personalized menus and specific order forms.

With this online service, you can make secure appointments, set up email alerts for prescription refills or lab results, access medical records (including billing statements), send messages directly to doctors or request medication information.

Track My Medical Records

This is one of the best medical apps that helps you to collect your health records and share them with doctors. This app allows its users to store their complete data on cloud storage so they can access it anytime from anywhere. It also sends a notification if any changes are made in the user’s records or prescriptions, allowing him/her to check them.


GeneEXR is an electronic health records app that helps you carry your health information on mobile. It allows users to keep their personal and family history, perform advanced patient searches and find the right doctor at any time during an emergency situation. Users can also create multiple profiles for different members of the same family with this one-of-a-kind app.

Capzule PHR

Capzule PHR is an app that allows its users to create a personal health record, gather family history and share it with doctors. The application contains a knowledge base section that provides easy access to medical information about different conditions in English. You can also store lab tests results, allergies & reactions, prescriptions, immunizations, medical notes and insurance information in the app.

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The growth of online medical apps (also known as e-medical apps) has grown exponentially and now represents one of the fastest-growing subcategories within mobile health. There are several benefits to using online medical records – including being able to manage your lab results on an app instead of seeing it printed out or having to call a doctor’s office to get it.

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