CCIE Security Exam Changes: What You Need to Know for 2023

CCIE Security Exam Changes: What You Need To Know For 2023
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You might be familiar with the CCIE security certification if you work in network technology or as a network specialist in an organization. It is a designation given to network security engineers who have worked to deploy, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco network security products at an expert level. Professionals in security are awarded this kind of accreditation on a global scale.

In addition to proving your theoretical understanding of security best practices in the CCIE security test, you must also show your ability in the CCIE Security lab exam utilizing actual devices in actual circumstances. This certification is complex and requires expert-level skills and knowledge, and it gets recognized as the most advanced network security certification.

Candidates provide the resources to organize, direct, and advance the most challenging network security teams and projects. You can see CCIE Security lab here, Therefore, we shall examine all Cisco Certification Updates in this blog.

Cisco certification updates:

The review process for the exam gets detailed in the Cisco project:

  • To ensure testing reflects the latest Cisco technologies, Cisco reviews each technology using the same quarterly schedule.
  • Cisco often makes statements about plan modifications, test facility improvements, and release notes three to six months in advance.
  • Cisco Press announced upcoming official certification guides and test prep product updates.

Test updates are released by Cisco 3-6 months after the initial release of the test plan.

Shortly after Cisco distributes the updated certification examinations, Cisco Press will, when needed, produce a new edition of the official certification guide and related study resources. The CCIE Security v5.0 and v6.0 exams are compared below.

What is CCIE Security v5.0?

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security (CCIE Security) program get designed for security experts who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to build and maintain Network Security Solutions by recognized industry standards. Implementing, troubleshooting, and supporting Cisco Security Solutions and Technologies are skills taught to architects and engineers. They learn to protect security systems against risks, demands, threats, and weaknesses.

What is CCIE Security v6.0?

The new CCIE Security v6.0 Certification program aims to identify applicants as technical leaders while preparing them for expert-level job responsibilities in security technology. In CCIE Security v6.0, automation, and programmability are included. With the help of this CCIE lab resource, staying up to date with Cisco certification upgrades is simple. The Core Security Technologies—managing the complete network, from planning and deploying to running and troubleshooting—are covered in the CCIE Security Exam.

Prerequisites for the CCIE Security Versions 5.0 and 6.0:

Current CCIE Security v5.0:

  • There are no explicit prerequisites.
  • A thorough comprehension of the exam subjects covering the entire network life-cycle
  • Three to five years of professional experience get advised.

New CCIE Security v6.0:

  • There are no explicit prerequisites.
  • Know how to build, deploy, operate, and optimize security solutions, among other things.
  • five to seven years of recommended professional experience

The transition from CCIE Security v5.0 to v6.0:

The new CCIE Security Certification v5.0 will suppose by v6.0 in 2020.The candidate may continue studying for the CCIE Security Certification if they have already begun doing so since they will give credit for the work they have already done for the present certification.Candidates will allow taking the CCIE Security Lab Exam v6.0 after February 2020 if they pass the existing CCIE Security v5.0 Written Exam before that date.

After February, SCOR 300-701 will CCIE Security v5.0. The candidate will receive the Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Core Certification by passing the SCOR 300-701. Before February, the applicant must pass both the CCIE Written Exam and the CCIE Lab Exam to maintain their CCIE Security Certification Status and to be eligible to acquire the Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Core Certification. Candidates who began with an earlier test version may continue and complete the current certification. Candidates who haven’t yet started their exam preparation can go right to work on the updated version.


For the most recent information on the course and certification retirement dates, it is always a good idea to check Cisco’s website or the Cisco Learning Partner. It will assist the person in staying knowledgeable and proficient so they can benefit from emerging changes in their industry.


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