Chime Bank Routing Number – 103100195

Chime Routing Number
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Chime is an economical technology firm.  It was made with the concept of making the primary banking products free, simple, and beneficial. The chime model doesn’t use several things like monthly service fees, overdraft fees, minimum balance restrictions, and service fees.

People who reside in the United States and are not satisfied with the service of traditional banks use the Chime model. Chime provides an app to such customers that allow them to avail solutions at a lower cost. Chime allows the user to save money and get paid two days before. It is applicable for all direct deposits. But what is the chime routing number?

A routing number is a nine-digit number used to identify a bank. It also helps identify financial institutions while clearing funds for electronic transactions in the United States. Chime works with specific banks that offer banking services for the Chime online banking account. There is a routing number for chime bank as well.

The bank’s name Chime works appear in the Savings Account and Spending Account agreement. The bank’s number also appears on the backside of the Chime Visa Debit Card. The routing number depends on the bank that provides your banking services for the Chime Spending Account.

What Is 103100195?

Chime is not a bank and a financial tech company with low-cost banking solutions; it uses a routing number. Routing number 103100195 is the Chime routing number provided by the chime partner, Bancorp Bank, Stride Bank, N. A.

This routing number helps ease paychecks and direct deposits into our Chime account. Customers need to use the routing number related to their Chime account number on their app.

Who is the owner of Chime Bank?

Chris Britt and Ryan King are the owners of the Chime bank. They initiated this concept intending to offer customers financial tranquillity. In 2013, they launched the startup Chime in San Francisco. On 15th April 2014, it made its public debut on the Dr Phil Show. By 2021, Chime expects to raise $1.5 billion in private capital.

As it is for direct deposits, Plaid, or Paypal payments, Chime uses The Bancorp Bank, Stride Bank, N.A. Both of these banks are FDIC insured and partnered with Chime.

How you can get the Chime routing number?

To get your Chime routing number, there are a few steps that you need to do;

  • First, install your Chime app or go through the Chime website
  • Then, sign in to your chime account
  • Next, click on the move money menu
  • Finally, go through the settings and get your Chime bank routing number.

Chime Bank Phone Number

  • Ph: 1-844-244-6363
  • Email:


What is Chime’s bank account number?

The bank account number is different and unique for every user, and it is every user’s data. Therefore, the chime users shouldn’t share their account numbers with anyone, and they also shouldn’t post them online. The account number is listed directly under the user’s transport.

Can I deposit the check in my Chime bank?

The main reason people are interested is to learn about their way of the check deposit procedure as the second part of the incentive check is needed to get released within one or two months.

If anyone has submitted a tax already on the Chime bank account, the IRS will be in the customer’s account by hand and send it to his account.

Can I remove the Chime data?

Chime is a digital bank with a Chime transaction history. Banks need to keep records of the customers’ transactions. To get rid of the transaction history, the only way is to take on the challenge of the cost.


Hopefully, now you know about the Chime routing number. So, if you are tired of the conventional banking system, surely you can create a chime bank account. Instead of physically appearing to the banks, you can handle all the processes via call, live chat, and e-mails. So, you can create your Chime account and get the utmost advantages.

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