Choose between a Leather or Fabric Sofa

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Are you hesitating between a leather or fabric sofa? What to privilege, between the incomparable softness of the textile and the hypoallergenic naturalness of the leather? Follow the guide to find out more.

Leather sofa or fabric sofa: the dilemma

If you hesitate between a leather or fabric sofa, it is probably that you like these two very different materials. Of course, among fabric sofas there are also many variations: cotton, linen, velvet or even viscose are just a few examples. However, if we compare textiles to leather, certain characteristics stand out clearly. The feel of the material and the cleaning methods are the main factors that will weigh in the balance when making your choice.

The advantages of a fabric sofa

The main quality of the fabric, when used to cover a sofa, is the high feeling of comfort it provides. Indeed, the fabric, in general, retains its softness in all seasons. It doesn’t get hot and sticky in summer like a leather sofa, nor cold and slippery in winter. On the cleaning side, the fabric has a whole arsenal of products as well as cleaners, steam for example, which allow relatively easy maintenance. In addition, more and more fabric sofas are subject to a stain-resistant treatment which makes them more resistant to daily aggressions. Finally, the wear of this type of seat will vary depending on the quality and thickness of the textile. Visit also: Couch Cleaning in Liverpool

Reasons to choose a leather sofa

The first quality that comes to mind when you think of a leather sofa is its beauty. This material immediately gives chic to a living room and dresses an interior with a warm and elegant presence. However, this is far from its only advantage. Natural, it resists the passage of time without losing its luster, if properly maintained. Its cleaning is not complicated, since it only requires a simple wipe of the cloth to remove the dust and possibly the application of a care cream, episodically, to maintain its flexibility and revive its hue.

What look do you want to give your living room?

Thus, it is difficult to clearly separate the leather and fabric sofa. They both have strengths and drawbacks. If we are looking for a specific shade, we could for example fall for a model in red textile, which will be easier to find and also cheaper than a colored leather sofa. On the other hand, if you want to invest in the long term, leather is probably the wisest choice, especially since it is hypoallergenic and naturally anti-mite.

The maintenance differences between a leather and fabric sofa

The maintenance conditions of a leather sofa and a fabric sofa are not the same. More delicate, the leather requires additional precautions.

  • Regardless of the material, it is made from, you need to dust off your sofa first. If it is leather, use a soft cloth. If it is fabric, use the small brush of the vacuum cleaner.
  • It is usually easier to remove a stain from a fabric sofa. Among the criteria for choosing a fabric sofa, always make sure that the fabric is washable. Leave the baking soda on the stain overnight and vacuum the powder in the morning.
  • While most man-made fabrics, like polyester, tolerate water well and dry quickly, it is best to clean a leather sofa dry, with white claystone. In the event of a stain, soak a damp glove with glycerine soap and rub gently.
  • While a fabric sofa will only need to be cleaned occasionally, a leather sofa will need more regular care. Every 4 to 6 weeks, you will need to feed it with a store-bought cream.
  • Finally, while you can place your fabric sofa wherever you want (especially if it is light in color and not likely to fade), it is better to install a leather sofa away from heat sources, such as the radiator. , the fireplace or the window.

The advantages of a leather sofa

There are many advantages to buying a leather sofa:

  • Cowhide or buffalo leather is a natural material that, far from wearing out or deteriorating over time, gains strength and resistance. Full-grain pigmented leather, which has undergone a treatment to enhance its natural qualities, is a good guarantee of durability. This treatment also brings an aesthetic side: nothing like aged leather to give a vintage elegance to a living room!
  • Still from an aesthetic point of view, leather goes well with any decor. Especially since you can vary the styles and colors. A white leather sofa will find its place in a contemporary or Scandinavian living room; in black leather, it will suit an industrial style; gray, it will be particularly suited to a modern setting. The article “discover 35 gray sofas to beautify your living room “gives you some examples.
  • Noble material par excellence, which acquires a patina over time, leather has no equal when it comes to giving character to the furniture of a room. Even of modest dimensions, a leather sofa is always a guarantee of elegance and refinement.
  • Finally, you will appreciate the qualities of the comfort of a leather sofa. Flexible, it hugs different body types without deforming. The thicker it is, the cozier it is. Not to mention that leather is an excellent thermal insulator, offering you an ocean of freshness in summer and protecting you from the cold in winter!

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