Cleaning Tips for Your Event Restrooms

event restrooms
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Do you want to ensure the cleanliness of your event restrooms?

Event restrooms can be a real test for planning committees. The last thing you want is for attendees to experience a lack of facilities or unsanitary facilities. A well-planned event means considering the restrooms as a line item in your budget.

It may be the first and last thing on attendees’ minds. It is important that you spend the time to plan it right.

If you want to make sure members of your event are going to a clean restroom, keep reading for our hygiene checklist.

Prepare for the Rush

Before any big event, it is important to prepare the event portable restrooms for the rush. Ensure they are free of debris, dirt, and dust. Clean sinks, toilets, urinals, and mirrors with proper cleaning supplies.

Wash the walls and floors with cleaning detergent, and sanitize with a germ-killing disinfectant cleaner. Make sure the trash is emptied, soap is filled, and toilet paper is accessible. Also, make sure to utilize sufficient porta potty for rent and have a plan for someone to check the restrooms continually to ensure they are kept clean.

Sanitize Regularly

Sanitizing is key to preventing the spread of germs and to overall public health. Sanitizing the restroom should be done all day long in order to provide guests with the cleanest restroom.

Special event restrooms should be sanitized at least once every hour with an all-purpose cleaner such as bleach or a disinfectant solution. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas such as sink countertops, toilet surfaces, and door handles, and be sure to get into all the corners.

Keep Supplies in Order

First, designate a steward to oversee the supply closet and restocking of supplies. Keep extra soap, hand towels, and toilet paper on-hand at all times. Bin liners should also be provided to ensure that all rubbish is quickly and hygienically disposed of.

Create a checklist of items that need to be restocked every day and encourage your volunteers to keep an eye out for low supply levels.

Maintenance After the Event

Start by inspecting the area, including the sinks, toilets, urinals, walls, and floors, to identify any mess or damage that needs to be addressed. Ensure that all debris, paper towels, and other items are cleared away. Dispose of waste and sanitize the surfaces with soap and water.

Clean the mirrors, faucets, and toilet handles with an appropriate cleaner. Make sure to disinfect everything with a chlorine-based product.

Effective Cleaning Strategies for Event Restrooms

Cleaning your event restrooms should be done regularly and thoroughly. By following these simple cleaning tips, your event will remain sanitary for guests and staff. Make sure to inspect restrooms frequently during events and follow up with these easy cleaning protocols for maximum efficiency.

Regularly check restrooms for any maintenance needs and encourage guests to report any issues. Keep your guests happy and restrooms clean with these event restroom cleaning tips!

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